Posted by: Moon | June 28, 2011

Matej 1-0 Dad

To take a phrase I often use against my lovely cousin EnglishMum, I feel like a ‘Bit of a Nobber’ this morning, and bloody tired to say the least …

Mrs M spent her first night ever away from Matej. She had to go to our sister company in Austria for a dinner and early morning meetings. It is about a 6 hr drive, so she wont be back till late tonight, that’s all cool, leaving me to face battle with the mischievous Matej !

To be honest, he is a darling to deal with, the routine we have is easy, and he always goes off to sleep easily enough, even without Mrs M boobs (I miss them though !) ….. so, after work, I whizz off to the Nanny’s house to collect him as normal, over to our house to see what the builders have been up to, and to let Meg and Bilbo have a good run, check food and water etc …. Back to home, change the boy, mix up some porridge for him, spread it all over his face, sometimes getting lucky, and some disappears down his throat…. burp him, and take him out for a stroll before bath time. Bath time is easier when Mrs M is here. Bath time is MY time with Matej, I always jump in with him, spend 20mins mucking about and playing the fool with him, occasionally letting him slip under ! oops… and just enjoying our time. Mrs M then retrieves him, and leaves me to clean the mess up we have made.

Bedtime routine is established, all quiet, and either feeding with boob or bottle, he drifts off effortlessly, and this is exactly what happened last night. Before bath time I had a rare chance to put him down, let him have his toys, and just watch him play… priceless….

So, He drifts off to dream land, I catch an early night of TV and a whole bed to myself, and happily drift off. Now, since we have had Matej, his sleep has been ok, just recently though, he has tended to wake a couple of times a night. Easily solved by Mrs M and her feeding, however, he has never be coaxed back to sleep by me and the bottle ….. so… how will this work then ????

As it happened, I still don’t know ! from his sleep time of about 7.30, he didn’t make a sound until his normal wake up time of 5.30 ! result !… well, yes and no, good for Matej having a decent night sleep, amazing what a wonderful little boy he is in the morning after sleeping well, and a result for me not rushing about preparing milk at 5am !… But, no sleep for me really …… I lay awake from about 3am wondering why he was so quiet …. why he hadn’t woken up ….. so, a slipped into his room, decided he was ok, soft snoring … perfect…… an hr later, I am still awake, wondering if I imagined his snoring. So, slipped back in, and this time move him…. huffing and growling from the boy, oh shit, don’t wake him you tool …. slipped back out … phew …. another hr later, I am still awake, and 100% I imagined him moving, so I decide to poke him again …. more shuffling and grows …. ok, he def is still alive then …. finally, at about 5.20am, I go back in, shining the touch about, shit… woken him up now !!!!!…. so, cuddles and milk….. the boy has done just great ….. Dad, well, not so clever !!

Matej 1-0 Dad !



  1. Knobber.

    • is Nobber spelt with a K then ??

  2. Nobber (Irish: an Obair, meaning “the work” – referring to a moate around a Norman castle)[1] is a village in north County Meath, Ireland.

    So, you called EM and irish village, (or a moat) and I am pretty sure that was not your intent. Knobber!

    To be honest, I found it spelt both ways, so I think you are both right.

    • I think we are both right that she is a Nobber !

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