Posted by: Moon | June 25, 2011

Roof time ….

So, as the house moves ever so slowly forward, we have had two major advances….. The first being connected to the mains electricity. This is obviously key to the house, and means we are about ready to turn off the old supply, to the ever aging and dangerous sparks from yester year, and embark on the new system, 100 or so new sockets and join 2011 with the safer sparks..

Sounds easy enough to just connect to the main electric, but you have to here in Slovakia, have a main electric box accessible from the street, and our connection happened to be the other side of the road, so we had to burrow our way under the road, and across the neighbours grass to get connected.

The other main development is the start of the new roof. This is key to us. We have done so much inside the house, but, we cannot finish anything with the old roof on. Knowing how much hard work the roof will be, and the amount of dust and mess it will cause as we replace it, we had to get cracking on this.

This are the view from inside the house, it turns out to be quite a major structure, and all the roof is built on site, so buying of preformed frames etc.

An obvious thing to say, but you need good weather to replace your roof !…. and we always get good, hot summer days, however, along with those hot summer days comes some mighty thunder storms…. and would you know it, the day we removed the roof over the bedrooms, an almighty storm rages around us on Tuesday night …. not only was the boy awake and scared, we were very worried that we would find an indoor swimming pool in our bedrooms the next morning !. Well, it seems as if we just about did enough with the covers, and a damp floor was all we had to worry about…

The next few days we have completed about half the roof, and prepared the timbers for the middle section.

It is a very hard job, and these guys have a lot of old fashioned skills. I have learnt some new swear words, and really enjoyed the time helping….. we are slowly getting there, and after another week, I think we will have completed the roof structure, and will just need the tiles on…… fingers crossed.

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