Posted by: Moon | June 19, 2011

We’ve adopted a second hound !

We were wandering around our little village when this little scamp bounded up to us …

We thought he was a young pooch that had wandered away from home in the village, and was a lovable little soul…. Our neighbour said that he was a stray and had been around for a week !…. “Awwwww” we said, but no way could we have another dog ….

So, a week later, again, walking around the village, he was still there, and looking sadder …. so, Mrs M said,”lets give him a home ?” ..


So, I took him home, knowing Meg liked other dogs, I assumed all would be ok …. No …. The problem we had was that Meg was in Heat… (not the magazine) … and this little one being male spelled problems ….. and so it proved…. like most females, she was having none of it, and she proved to be very aggressive … shit !

So, after a few fights, and I got bitten once, we decided that we would keep him safe, fed and watered, and then take him to the pound. This was the plan, and the next two days proved me right, no way would Meg let him near her, or indeed near me or the house….. so, he had to go…

However, over the week, they spent more and more time together, and yesterday they spent most of the day playing and chasing a ball together… so it was decided…. We had ourselves a second dog !

So, please met the newest member of the Moon household…Bilbo !



  1. Love him! Go Bilbo….

    • He is a very loving soul, excellent around Matej…. I think he is going to be a lovely dog ….. huge ears !

  2. Good name for a wanderer. Hopefully his adventures do not take him away from home again!

    • The name fitted immediately ….. he seems right at home, no intention of wandering…. I think he was abandoned !

  3. May be you should get the first one fixed – unless you want some Megbo puppies! Ahhh, but they woud be cute, wouldn’t they?

    • you know we do know that, but you cant do it when they are in the middle of being in heat, you should let them go through one season first …..

      • Most vets recommend them being spayed before their first heat – greatly reduces the risk of mammary and other cancers later in life and there are no significant reasons for letting them go through one heat first. Obviously, if she is already in heat, it is a bit late for that now!

  4. Awww he’s cute. Although in those bottom two pictures, Met still doesn’t look that keen!

  5. *Meg.

  6. Ah that is such a lovely story with a happy ending, how could you not love such a cute little scamp 🙂 careful though or you will end up with your own dog pound!!!

  7. He’s a very handsome chap and it looks like Meg really enjoy having a new friend now.

    He’s very beagle looking, not the typical street dog type I’d say, well not here in BG lol

    We’re up to 6 dogs now, with one heading off to the Uk to be reunited with his owner in November and I’ve had to put my foot down and say no more!

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