Posted by: Moon | June 11, 2011

The House – 7 Months in …..

So, it has been a while since I bored you with our renovation of the cottage in the small village of Medvecke… so here you are .. We are now 7 months into the project, and we have made some serious headway, but the 2 main parts of the puzzle are to come…. The new roof, and the underfloor heating.

So, what are the main changes since you last looked in … Well, loads I guess, and where to start…..

As you look at this photo, you can see 3 main changes. We have laid a huge terrace outside. This is going to be changed in the future, but for now, it clears the mess we had outside, and gives us some clear, clean space to work on. We left the two peach trees in the middle, and they are showing quite a few peaches for us. You can also see at the far left, lots of roof missing. This is the roof over the future garage, and from this Monday, the rest of the roof will go, and to be replaced by a new one. At the front of the house, you can see we have moved the main outside wall to it final position, and built in the huge windows and doors…. this will let huge amounts of light into the place…Under the blue cover is the wood that is ready to make the new roof on Monday.

This is the garage, roof removed, ready for the new one to start be built..

This next photo is the view from the back door, looking down the corridor to the blue sheet at the end. The blue sheet will be the door to our bedroom, on the right is the bank of windows and doors leading to the patio, on the left is the kitchen, dinner area and then the lounge and office…

This is the reverse view, patio and doors windows to the left …

This next photo is the view from our office back down the whole main room to the kitchen. You can see we have started building the open fire place. This is my request, having grown up loving an open fireplace, I just had to have one put into our sitting room. From the fireplace, going right, the wall will continue to separate fully the sitting room from the kitchen and dinning room.

This looks comical, but this in the ‘team’ trying to work out how to build the new stairway down into our wine cellar. To be fair, the brains is Maros, on the left, I think the other two are just trying to work out how to get another beer ! The wine cellar will be accessed via a trap door and steps from the kitchen.

As you can see, we have a bathroom .. kind of… Not really finished, but very nearly there. The key part here is the fact we have running water into the property, which is a big deal. We have wooden doors to be made and fitted, and the connections to be made, then we are pretty much done here … yay !

A major part that goes hand in hand with the bathroom was the fitting of the water recycling system. This involved the digging of a pit, 8 feet deep, 8 foot wide and over 16 feet long. Thats a huge pit to be dug, then the base concreted, the system installed, and the the final covering of the tanks. For us, this was a huge leap forward, and it meant we had the running water back on after 6 months of using water from the well !

Another key part of all of this renovation is the sparks…. We have rewired the whole place with over 70 new sockets, numerous lights and two new electric boxes. Also, we have had to put a main box outside on the road for the Electric company. we are just about finished with this, the footings are set for the box, and the driveway and foot entrance are also done.

So, what do have left to do.. well, plenty… New roof, underfloor heating, internal wall from the fireplace, new windows fitted, and the int finishing, decorating…. it seems a huge amount left, but… we have also achieved alot..

Here is the key management team .. thank fuck I have them !



  1. wow coming along so well

    • Seems so slowly though, but the builder is fantastic, very lucky to have him..

  2. Beautiful!

    • I think it will be, for us it still seems a bit of a building site !

  3. Wow coming on nicely and certainly looks like a sturdy build. Love the verandah . .

    • The veranda is just a quick square two level affair right now, we will shape it and make it bigger later, with walls and features, but right now, it a better improvement than rubble and mud !

  4. Very impressed. You have done a lot of work on this, and when it is finished, that first beer on the new patio will taste soooooo much sweeter!

    • Iam fairly sure there will be beer consumed on there well before it is finished !… we are getting there, the new roof will be a huge step forward as well

  5. Looks amazing, it’s the first time I’ve come across the progress of the renovations. When you said cottage I pictured one of those small dinky places you always imagine. Imagine walking down that long outside walkway in the morning with the sun pouring in. Wow!

    • Ah, thats not going to be outside, that is all part of the house, but will have floods of sunshine pouring in … and of course, the patio outside for those beautiful summer mornings and sunsets ……

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