Posted by: Moon | June 8, 2011

I Hear Thunder, I Hear Thunder …

Crash Bang Wallop …… what a thunderstorm we had last night !!!

I love a thunderstorm, and we get plenty of them here in South Slovakia. With the low lying flat land, the heat of the new summer days, always a recipe for early evening thunderstorms. Over the last two weeks we have had pretty much one every evening, Monday it came in the afternoon and crashed around work for about 30 mins, spectacular lightning, wind and lashing rain…. Cool …..

Last night, about 1am, the first rumblings and distant flashes of Thor started…. The wind picked up, and you just knew what was coming. Being a light sleeper, I will often get out of bed and go and watch the storm, transfixed by the flashes and jags of lightening, the booming of God moving his furniture upstairs….. I love the power of the storm.. but.. this was different last night …..

It was Matej’s first night storm …..

During the day, when it thunders, Matej doesn’t even notice not one little bit. I cannot say he did last night for sure, but it was strange that he woke just as the storm was starting far away, and he was an upset little boy. As normal, we just thought it was his standard, 15 min feed and back to sleep, however, after trying to get him back down to sleep for the 3rd time, and his whimpers were full on crying, something was not quite right. I went in, collected him up, and held him, he was quiet, but not settled, small whimpers, stifled cries, hugging into me (something he normally reserves for his Mum…..

He wouldn’t settle for around 3 hrs…so, I broke my rule, and took him back to bed, to the warmth of both of us, and he settled for another comfort feed before drifting off…. Once asleep, he was returned to his cot, and slept soundly until I woke him this morning, I don’t often get chance to wake him, normally he wakes naturally, and by the time I go into to collect him, he is shuffling around the cot, or standing looking out, ready for the day… this morning, he was curled in the top end of the bed, head in the corner of the cot, dreaming of Tigger …. HE woke slowly, all puffy eyed, into my arms, and had the biggest smile in the world as Mum came in to greet him..

So, a tough night, but even during those nights, the rewards and closeness with our Son amazes me……


  1. 🙂 cuddles are the best thing in the world!

    • I do like “Duddles”

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