Posted by: Moon | June 6, 2011

Bare Bums….. the removal of …..

Bare bums ….

I really enjoy Cosmicgirlies Silent Sunday, and more often than not, it will involve a picture of my little fella (not a euphemism !) …. This Sunday we were outside in the hot summer sun, more cream on us than a scone from a English cricket tea, having some wonderful laughs.

We took the camera, and, as normal, Matej grinned and laughed for the camera, it was great. I decided, because he will get married one day, to take a snap of him rolling around naked….(we all know that will appear in the speeches)… and, I got a lovely snap of him in just his hat, and his naked, squidgy bum for all to see. I loved the snap, and decided that would be my Silent Sunday. I asked Mrs M if she minded, she said of course not, so on the photo went.

About the 3rd comment was from someone I didn’t know, but a Twitter pal, and they mentioned that maybe I shouldn’t be showing snaps like that…… it made me think…..

I wasn’t angry at all with the commenter, in fact, I made me think again, and I decided to remove the photo, and replace it with one of me grinning !…. that will fuck up any perves ideas won’t it ! ha ha !!!!!

It’s a shame though, and do we over react these days with the scare stories that now fill the 24hr hr news services, the internet pages etc… There clearly are perverts around, very VERY sick people, that use the internet now, and really should have the balls removed. Those people have always been there, the internet did not create them, but I guess it has made it easy for them to do that sad, awful, horrific disgusting things they do.

I left the picture on my Facebook page, as I think that is more protected, however, my blog is very pubic, and open to anyone, so I did decide to remove it.

Sad though, my little boys ever so peachy squidgy bum has to be hidden away… maybe next Sunday I’ll put my arse on there……



  1. It was Matejs bum! Yesterday I thought it might have been you mooning everyone.

    • As I said…. next Sunday maybe !

  2. I find it interesting. I am certainly no expert but a lot of these pictures are not the sort of thing that interests paedophiles. And there a Johnson’s advert on TV showing a mother kissing a baby’s bum. I find it frustrating that we have the “thought police” (ref. George Orwell’s 1984) around us at all times letting us know what not to do in case other people that we don’t know or understand get some kind of sexual gratification out of it.
    I saw the picture and I admit my first reaction was “you can’t show that”. Then I gave myself a mental slap. Of course you can.
    At the end of the day it is your call and there are certainly some images that we should resist showing.
    By the way, is this why you quite Twitter? I miss you 😉

    I saw another example when someone wanted to leave a sleeping 2 year old under the supervision of an 8 year old while they popped out for 10 minutes to pick up their 12 year old. This was universally slammed as a bad idea. Why??? Isn’t that the way it’s always worked. I was shocked.

    • I know you shouldn’t have to, and I am sure a million times out of a million and one, nothing would ever come of it, but it just makes you sick to the stomach “just in case” ………. sad…… people will just have to be my friend on FB !

      • Is FB a selective group…I guess I need to be your friend 🙂

      • you are more than welcome to be my friend x

  3. I am sorry – I know this is a very serious subject and I think you did the right thing in removing the photo…

    …but you have just stated that your blog is “very pubic”. I have no words…

    • Indeed, and you are probably right .. sad though ……. ah well, you have my arse to look forward to next !

  4. As I’m arriving late to the party, I missed Matej’s cute little “squidgy” (love that word) baby bum. I guess you could have blurred it or put a “censored” sticker over it, but that seems wrong too. It’s supremely annoying and disgusting that the perverts of the world have intruded on everyone’s lives to this extent.

    • It is, but as I said to an earlier comment, that 1 in a million time … makes you sick, so sadly, his Squigdy bum is only for me to blow raspberries on !

  5. Dammit.. Fenngirl beat me to the ‘pubic’ gag.

    Funny, when my two were little we had this lovely pic of them both butt naked after a bath. The big one was hugging the little one and they were both laughing – we thought it was gorgeous. But Hubby’s mum really took offence to it and thought it was ‘wrong’. I didn’t understand it then and I don’t now. I’m with The Moiderer – I wouldn’t have taken any notice. A baby’s bum is a baby’s bum. There’s a million all over the internet. Still, it’s your blog. x

    • I know, and I probably think you are right, well, with the pic of yours you def are right……. but, sadly, I have a niggling doubt ….. sad innit ?

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