Posted by: Moon | May 16, 2011

Tired Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I am tired, I am weary tired, the kind of tiredness only a parent will understand. It’s not like a tiredness of being on the lash for 3 days, or having laid a patio the day before, this is a strange feeling that is hard to explain…. It’s a tiredness that will not go away, just keeps tugging at you, just to remind you it’s there, just to remind you, that given the chance, you would sleep on the edge a knife, or you could crawl into bed and sleep solid for 24 hrs ……

It’s not that I don’t get time to sleep at night… Matej is not too bad I guess, wakes once briefly at 1ish, and then wakes fully at 5am every morning. That in itself would bother me, I am a morning person anyway, so the 5am start is not real hassle, Mrs M does the night feed, and it normally lasts maybe 20 mins, and he sleep again… but… here the issue……

I am such a light sleeper, any noise Matej makes wakes me, if Mrs M get up, it wakes me, and I cannot go back to sleep. I never get into that deep sleep we all need, so I am always tired.

I am lucky that at weekends I am often allowed an hour sleep in the afternoon, but that’s about it, and being such a light sleeper, Matej laughing, plates in the kitchen, the dog barking, anyone making noise will wake me …. I would love to snooze when Matej does, but that’s when we have to get things done at the house, I spent all day grass cutting on Saturday, doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

So, how do I get into a proper, deep sleep ?….. or is this just the life that comes with being a parent. All the other parents reading this will agree, and just accept that this is the life we have chosen, but it isn’t easy. The tiredness we both feel as parents means that we get at each other. We fight over such daft things… we are lucky that we both know it’s tiredness, nothing more, but sometimes it isn’t pleasant when you are constantly bickering….. I’m tired of that too !

Mentally we are both exhausted, looking after a 9 month old, both working tough jobs, building a house and coping with living in Mrs M’s parents house is all a stress, but also.. very tiring……

But, what can you do ?.. not a lot, suck it up, get on with it, and enjoy the incredible highs that just about puts the tiredness away ….



  1. Trust me, Moon, parents do not have a monopoly on being tired – going for night after night with no sleep, wandering from TV to computer to kitchen to bedroom, just wishing for sleep, but getting none, can get you real tired! It is no fun…….

  2. This happened to me too, in the early months/year/s of having a small baby. The only advice I can give, and of course, I am no expert.. it takes a bit of time to resettle into a good sleeping pattern again for a parent too. When you’re little one stops waking in the night, this will help, but it takes a bit more time to then stop listening out for noises, and worrying. Although, really, worrying never stops 🙂

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