Posted by: Moon | May 9, 2011

The Staff …

Ok, so it looks like we are getting ‘staff’

This makes others gossip here in Slovakia, however… that isn’t going to stop me.

Currently we have a Nanny. This for starters is very unusual for this place. That is because normally (although the trend is changing) Mums have tended to stay on Maternity for up to 3 years, with the guarantee that they will return to the same job, same money, same position. We couldn’t do that even if we wanted. When Mrs M agreed her time to return to work, I was out of work, so we needed the money. When I did interview and was offered this position, it was on the guarantee that Mrs M would still return to work, not delay her return. She would of liked a bit longer at home, but she is the first to admit that her brain would turn to mush if she would have stayed at home for so long. We have a Nanny, she is wonderful, and the most important thing is she treats Matej like her own child, and he is a happy little boy with her.

We are also going to get someone into to do a couple of other things, and people here will certainly gossip and frown upon us, I don’t give a fuck. We will get someone to do our ironing ! It cannot be right that we work all week, only to have our ironing pile up, so one of us, normally Mrs M, but I do also do my turns, have to stay up till midnight, or spend our valuable, Matej based, weekend times doing this … so, we will find a person to come to our place, and they can Iron for a couple of hrs a week !

Also, call us lazy, we are going to do the same with a cleaning person. No way are we again, spending valuable Matej time, cleaning floors, kitchens and the bathrooms … Someone else can come in a do that, and dust the nooks and crannies …

Does this makes us wealthy snobs ?… Def not, we are far from that, but we do both work decent hrs, and we both really value our weekends. People have mentioned getting someone to cut the grass etc, but, that is something I enjoy doing, working on my house, looking after my land (I could do with a sit on mower, but I guess windows for the house are a little more important for now)… so, I won’t get anyone to do that side of things, but bugger the other parts……

Just wish I could find a small boy to clean the cars !!!!



  1. I assume these young ladies will suitably attired in little black outfits with contrasting white aprons?

  2. Hey – will work for food! I am good at washing cars! Where did you say you lived? Hey – you still need to move into your new place – isn’t there time to think about all that cleaning? But really – I am with you on the outside portion of care taking – I love working in my garden. Have at it – I gave up thinking what the neighbors thought many years ago. Enjoy! You only go round once in this life! Also I am going to TECC next Tuesday, I will look for a little elephant for your Matej since Miska won’t give up hers :0 (Notice I won’t give up mine either)

  3. Consider it, you are helping out the economy in your area.

  4. I’m looking for work at the moment too? Seriously, until a few years ago I had a cleaner in once a fortnight just to do the pulling furniture out thing, washing floors, it was a godsend. I have enough to do on five acres without spending all Saturday inside cleaning and washing. Oh hai . . guess how I spend my Saturdays . .

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