Posted by: Moon | May 5, 2011

The Death Penalty

Wow, that’s a start up for a normally happy, daft, talking bollocks kinda blog …..

This has been going through my head for many many years, and I wondered what other people might think. Is it right to put to death people that commit the most evil of crimes.

Now, to start this out, I am talking about the evil people in this world. I am talking about the likes of Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, Gary Ridgway, Ian Brady, The Wests … you know the type that I mean. I am not talking about the battered wife who strikes back, I am not even talking about the person who intentionally kills when stealing.

I don’t want to debate about length of sentences etc.. that would go on forever…. But I have issues, and argue with myself for very long periods of time.

The people I have listed about should NEVER be free. They are monsters that give nothing to society. They deserve to be locked away from people. FOREVER. This is in no doubt. There is no rehabilitation for these people, so don’t even try to justify any form of release. Even if they could, they do not deserve any freedom etc.

So, the question I ask myself, why keep these people alive ? Why, at the cost of us the tax payer. Why expose other inmates and staff the ongoing danger ? What is the point of keeping them locked away for the rest of their natural life. Surely for all concerned, a simple jab of a needle, and they can face whatever the next life has in store for them. Do they deserve to die, I think they do. Remember, I am talking about people here where there is ZERO issue of guilt. There is no miscarriage of justice here, no mistakes being made… They did it, and that’s final. So, the ultimate punishment should be death .. right ?

I would 99% say yes to this, I really would, but then a couple of things sneak into my mind that stops me….

All of the names above, plus 100’s of other serial killers, are not of sane mind. They cannot be. I have read many books of these people, and they are sick. So, should you be putting to death people that are of sick mind ? There are millions of people who are also sick, not of normal mind, but we wouldn’t dream of killing off these people. The person that marries a horse isn’t sane is he …. ? A bizarre twist of logic I know, but still, being outside of our understanding of the normal mind is no reason to kill them…

The people named… is it their fault they are sick ?… in most cases no.. it is because of their upbringing, abuse, mental and sexual, often from a blow to the head as well. I am sure many people suffer similar, horrific upbringings, but they don’t go on to murder, allegedly, over 300 people (Bundy). However, I do not believe these people choose this form of life, I honestly think they cannot help the voice inside that drives them to be so evil. Death may well be a huge release for them.

Is the Death Penalty a deterrent … in my opinion, definitely not. No way do these people think that way, and even in the case of the killer who kills in rage, or theft etc suddenly thinks of that consequence… The mass killer that walks into Dunblane, Columbine, Port Arthur, Hungerford and recently Bratislava… would the Death Penalty of stopped them, again, no. They are that mentally disturbed, they only have one thought…. And that thought is not of the consequence.

So, it comes down to me, should we be keeping these people alive…. And I cannot say we should execute sick, mentally ill people, even when their crimes are so hideous that they probably deserve it. When it comes down to it, we all live in a society that will always abhor and be disgusted by these crimes, and face facts that the human mind is always going to produce the mutants that commit such heinous acts, but we cannot then go on the kill these mentally ill people. We have to contain them so they can never be allowed freedom again.

But, for me, the Death Penalty serves no purpose.



  1. Yeh and there’s always the possibility of nabbing the wrong person.

  2. thats a different argument, I was talking about those that are 100% guilty, no doubt at all ….

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