Posted by: Moon | May 3, 2011

Flying Solo !

So, for the first time yesterday, I was a single parent ! Mrs M had to have a day in Austria, so she was up with the birds and off onto the highways around 4am. Leaving me to cope with Matej ….. (I just felt all those Mums raise their eyebrows and sigh) .. fair point Mums, however, when faced with this for the first time, of course it is a little daunting. Now, lets get this clear early on, I am a very hands on Dad, very happy to do all that is needed to keep Jnr on the road, dry, fed, watered and awake. However, I am also aware that the driver of this well oiled machine was now away for the day !

Mornings are simple, and I pretty have done all of this many times, but of course, with Matej being breast fed, I haven’t done too much feeding. My son, is much like me, a morning person, so he tends to be a delight in the mornings, easy to cope with and lots of fun. So, as normal, he wakes at 5, I see if there is any chance of him returning to sleep, but as he is wide awake, talking and singing… not a chance, so I go into Dad mode. Wake him, change him, dress him and put him into his walker, give him two wooden spoons to generally spank the shite out of anything that moves ! Milk prepared, cold tea ready for him, and now to feed him… all goes perfectly ! How stressed am I.. not at all, and with our wonderful Nanny arriving at 6.30am, I head into to work, quietly confident !

This is where I knew I would get a little stressed, mornings are one thing, but the afternoon nap, feed, keeping him entertained, then bath and bedtime is another… so, I return to collect him at 4pm, and he is all smiles… perfect ! into the car, and he decides that he doesn’t want his sleep……. First cries of the day ! ah well, I sing to him, play some music, and after a while he drifts off for his 30 min snooze. Like clockwork is awake as I get home. Change… easy.. into his walker, easy.. time to make his porridge !.. and guess what,…. He loves his porridge, but tonight, not a chance… hardly a spoonful… what can you do ?!?!? Can’t make him east can I. So I try his biscuits … nope.. some bread … nope !…. oh shit I think… this is going to be trouble. So, I give up, you can’t make a boy eat can you…. So, I wrap him up, and take him out for a stroll around the village. He loves this… we see all the dogs he loves, he chats away, and I know for the next 30 mins till bath time, he will be happy.

Back home, run the bath, get everything prepared including night milk, and dip him in. I have a water baby, he loves the stuff, so bath time are fun and a bit crazy, but also it’s his routine, and it calms him ready for bed. All done, into his jimjams, and sleeping bag, and now for the bit I had been dreading, the sleep part. For no other reason than Mrs M has always been at home, she has done the bedtime feed and sleep routine. I help with lights, doors, curtains, but she actually puts him to sleep. So, I follow everything I have watched, get him settled and feed him. Semi darkness, my little son feeding happily away on my lap, me, rocking gentle in the chair and sensing calm. He sleepily reaches out to make sure I am there, and then drifts off. Just an awesome feeling….. I can’t describe how it feels to have your Son just gently snoring as he lays on top of your lap. I now have the tough move from lap to cot, he wakes as I lower him in, stretches, looks up, smiles and then goes to sleep. Monitor on, slip out of the room and await the cries ….. Nothing……. My heart is so huge in my chest, my self pride I have done it right, and the love for my Son makes me well up a little. I look around my bedroom, bathroom and kitchen and wonder when this car crash occurred that caused this mayhem.. but I don’t care.

Again, Mums and Dads that do this every day will wonder what the fuss is about, but for a first time experience, I was elated, on such a high that it had gone well, and it gave me new feelings of love and pride of my little boy ……. Just perfect !



  1. Sounds a perfect end to the evening!! Evenings are lovely, my OH always does the evenings as it’s his time with baby. I usually sit and watch them both 🙂

    • It was a great feeling, I know it won’t always be like that, but I loved it, and made me feel good that we didn’t need Mrs M … this once …

  2. Ah bless. It’s really lovely that you had a little ‘male bonding’ time. And see, you can cope just fine 🙂

    • knew I would, after all, 1000’s do it every day, but it def was quite special, one of ‘those’ moments.. you know ..

  3. That’s really nice. I can totally relate to where you’re coming from. I reluctantly became a housedad this year and the thought of being alone withe the kids (3) without my wife’s guidance freaked me out. Now I get a bit too much bonding time with them 🙂 What an interesting life you’re leading. I’ll keep tuning in.

    • Welcome… interesting, we had it planned that I would do the same, then by chance this job came up, so we went down the Nanny route. I know it’s a bit over dramatic, but, for the first time, it was a special feeling….. and one I won’t forget …. not sure I am ready for 3 yet !!!! nice to have you around

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