Posted by: Moon | April 4, 2011

English Mum would have been horrified !

Yup, I did it ….. I am not too ashamed, even EnglishMum gave me permission … I called someone a cunt.

I’m not proud particularly, I don’t often use bad language, but I thought it was deserved… but being Slovak, I am not to sure he understood, but the volley of abuse Mrs M gave him.. he knew our feelings …

Hate is a strong word, over used… but I can honestly say, I HATE people that drop litter.

There is NO excuse. Never. Why on earth do people think it is ok to drop a sweet paper out of a car window, think that an cigarette butt is NOT litter… tell you what, I’ll chuck a couple on your kitchen floor, then just let me know if you think that is ok ?

Slovakia has lots of issues, but the one that gets me so fucking angry is the litter all over the place, and the attitude towards it. Slovak people are very proud of their houses, very conscious of what the neighbours might say if the grass isn’t cut etc. But, when litter is thrown by the side of the road, their heads go into the sand, and they declare… “well, it’s not my responsibility, it’s not on my doorstep” Drives me insane. We have mentioned this to others, and they respond “what can you do ?”, and I def feel, that once you let it build up, it then becomes acceptable.. NO IT ISN’T !!!!

I just shake my head …….. We were driving back from our new village to home when I saw a small car parked in a side lane, and a man throwing litter into the hedge. We screeched to a halt, turned round and caught up with the car at the bottom of the hill, pulled him over and asked him what the fuck he thought he was doing … ? He response just had be dumbstruck (until I managed the ‘c’ word). He said “You are lucky, I have picked up that litter from the vineyards, I could of just left it there “… Can you believe that !

So, we politely told him that he was talking bollocks, no way had he been anywhere near the vineyards, and even if he had, why on earth where you just dumping in back in the hedge ???? What mentality is that ? He sped off, his girlfriend driving, who obviously thought this was also acceptable behaviour, saying if we had an issue with him, call the police… Why on earth can people see that it is not acceptable to do this ??… How can you justify any kind of littering ….??

What a cunt !



  1. Absolutely disgusting. Mind you, I only gave you post-dated permission for the one swear – you’re taking the P*ss now!

    No, I’m totally with you. My beautiful boat road leads down to the lough at the bottom, and people actually drive all the way down there to dump mattresses, bags of rubbish and car parts. Disgusting. Although I don’t think it helps that the councils here charge fees to enter recycling centres – more people would think twice if they could dump their rubbish for nothing at the proper place, no doubt.

  2. I’m with you Moon. No excuse for it.

  3. I am with you on the litter front….the footpath from my house to the local shops is continually strewn with chocolate/crisp/pizza/empty ciggie pack wrappings etc…the daughter calls me ‘the bag lady’ cos I collect it up from time to time and deposit it in the nearby bin!

    However….and here comes a hard stare, nephew……I do SOOOO hate that ‘C’ word….it’s the worst on the planet in my opinion!! Love you tho…xxx

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