Posted by: Moon | April 2, 2011

I’m a bit pissed ….in a local, old fashioned way !

A wine tasting, what a great idea.

Two responsible adults, in their 30’s head out to a wine tasting, and halfway through the afternoon (why an afternoon I think to myself)… I am a little lashed in charge of a 7th month old !

In my defense, it wasn’t planned to be like this at all, started off very sensible, the village all together in the local hall, Parents-in-law there doing the village thing, Milan handing out the wine in an orderly fashion, with us, the general public, voting on the quality, colour, bouquet and general quality of the home made wine from local vineyards….what could possible go wrong ..

Well, for starters, there were over 30 wines to taste. The speed at which we not only had to taste the wine, but also consider 4 different marks out of ten, was to be fair, a tad daft ! All started very seriously, holding the vino up to the light, sniffing it and looking thoughtful, before finally letting the wine kiss our taste buds… but…. I really couldn’t give a fuck after a few glasses !!! all tasted the same, all looked the same, and I was just very scared that my father-in-law knew which one of the wines was his, would know I voted it is as toilet water ! The different glasses came thick and fast, and after about an hour, I was happy to give every wine I tasted a 11 out of 10 ! I suddenly became Jill Goolden, tasting mountain tops, rusty cars, Bosoms and cats …. (How fucking daft is that girl).. seriously, I could have been drinking my own piss and I would have been happy !

As a half time break, we had the local Choir singing some traditional folk songs, I watched my little son dancing with his mum, and I wondered how I managed to get here (you do this when you are a little pissed !)… I was in an old hall, that looked like a 70’s parish room, most of the people there were close to their last few years in life, all dressed in a 1970 Christmas presents, ruddy and ready for one Foot in the Grave .. however, everyone was singing, everyone had smiles, and everyone greeted with very enthusiastic hellos !…. what more could you possibly want ?

So as daft as the whole thing might look to an outsider, it was a great afternoon, tasting the local wine, no shop bought shite, all picked last Autumn, presented by old fashion people, make wine like it should be… Apart from drinking maybe 2 bottles on wine in a rushed, hectic 30 min period, it was really special. This is reason I love to explore, live and experience so many different things and ways of life….. THIS is the reason I moved here !

Got to add a PS here …..

We went back after the boy went to sleep… Had the best ever goulash, and then listened to the villagers sing their hearts out to old, traditional folk songs … perfect evening !!!!


  1. Sounds wonderful, Moon! And it sounds as if you have definitely settled into your new country well!

    When we were in Italy we were offered a glass of our host’s homemade red wine from his uncle’s vineyards. My goodness, it was better than much of the stuff you buy in supermarkets here! Nothing like piss at all! LOL!

  2. Ah good ol wine tasting. Hope she’s not breastfeeding, I swear my kids were pissed for the first 16 weeks, they slept like champions.

  3. Sounds great, nothing like a local wine tasting, eh Jilly?

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