Posted by: Moon | March 28, 2011

What a lovely visit !

What a lovely week-end !

The tough part about living away from home is the fact it is such an effort to get to see my family. Sometimes I am glad of the space, no interference, no hassles (we all know our families can be a hassle right !), but of course, I miss them, and having Matej means they miss him to. Currently, he doesn’t miss them, in fact, I think he is happiest to see our Nanny, Ina, more than anyone else !… but it’s tough.

This week-end, Ma made the trip over. Now, it’s only a 2.5 hr flight, a breeze you might say, but, from door to door it takes about 9 hrs. That’s not any easy trip when you only have 4 days here, but, at least there is no jetlag, and the trip isn’t going to break the bank. We have three serviceable airports to use, Budapest and Vienna (using BA or Austrian Air) or Bratislava (using those tossers Ryan Air .. not a huge fan of them I might add !)

So, Mum arrived Thursday, late afternoon, and from that point I don’t think Matej stopped smiling. Yes, he does have a grizzle when he is hungry, wet, tired etc… who doesn’t, but otherwise.. laughs and smiles for Grandma. In her other two visits with Matej, she has been a little stand off-ish… tending to step back and let others have their time with him. I think being too nice to others “no, no.. you go to him…… “ etc.. where as this time, with no-one here but herself, she could spend all bathtimes, cuddle times and play times with him. My parents-in-law (which I think you know I have a little moan at…) where excellent at backing off, and letting Ma have all the time she wanted. They realise how lucky they are, and how tough it is for Ma not having him about. They made her, as they always do, so welcome, so at home, and for that… I thank them, and praise them very highly.

We spent time at the house, Mum looking a little uncertain at the size of the project taken on, but she can certainly see the vision, wee what we are trying to achieve, and she can visualise sitting in the summer sun, book and wine, Matej running about in the garden. So she is happy. We also spent quite a while walking Meg. Mum was with me when this tiny, dirty, sad-looking hound crawled out of the ditch, and she is delighted to see that she is now a happy, joyful dog who got a little lucky !

The next time she will see him is in July when we go to England for his Christening. July doesn’t seem that far away, but in the terms of a 7 month old Grandchild, I am sure to Ma right now, it’s seems like years.

Thanks for making the effort Ma, you will see your boy on Skype so very soon.


  1. Can I ever relate to this post! I am here to tell you that being a long-distance grandma is a tough gig. It’s an especially bittersweet pill to swallow when the OTHER grandparents see that grandchild every day and know all the “inside” stuff – what he/she likes to eat, their favorite stuffed animal, games that make them laugh.

    One day while I was loading my groceries into the car, I heard a little girl about my granddaughter’s age say “Grandma!” I turned around to see a precious little girl two cars over standing next to her grandma, arms stretched as high as they would go, begging her to pick her up. Out of blue, I promptly burst into tears.

    The visits are always too short, trying to cram all the love and fun you can into a couple of days, and I always leave wondering if she will even remember me the next time. On the up side, I can spoil her to my heart’s content during those visits, something the OTHER grandparents really can’t do because they see her every day and have to adhere to the parents’ rules. *evil grin*

    I’m glad you had such a good visit with your mum. And, yes, seven months does seem like forever to her, but she has those precious memories to carry her through. Just be darned sure you Skype her often and send lots of pictures, hear me! *hands on hips*

  2. You are so right, and I know thats how Ma feels… sadly there isn’t too much anyone can do about it… so yes, I will be skyping weekly and getting the boy infront of the camera all the time….. and yes, she is allowed to spoil him in anyway she likes when she is here, and we do have strict rules for the slovak grandparents !!!

  3. Fair play to the in-laws for letting your mum have some time with Matej. Can’t be easy – I know my Mum misses my two masses xx

  4. Ah I remember too well. My Grandparents were in England and we were kids in Australia who only saw them two or three times. At least you don’t have the tyranny of distance prevailing. I’m really glad you had a happy visit and wish you many more.

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