Posted by: Moon | March 20, 2011

The House – Update on our progress

So, here are a few video clips on how we are doing at the house…. still a huge amount to go, but we are slowly starting to make the place look like a house !

As you can see from the first clip, we have closed off the previously open area of the house, made the original outside open wall into the main outside holding wall, giving us more space inside the property, and making the house very open. In doing this, we have taken down the old holding wall, and created 4 ‘arches’ linking the old house, to the new area extended area.

We have also turned the old garage into our wet / utility room. The video is quite dark as we haven’t got any lights in there, but you can see where the 2nd loo will be, the washing machine and dryer will go, Megs room and the heating, boiler room will go.

First Clip, House on the 20th March

This second video shows you the main house. It will be made up of two rooms, the first being the kitchen and dining room. Looks huge, and I guess will be large, but we really want a family kitchen where we will spend lots of time, a large table (made from our fallen Walnut tree) and a smaller breakfast table by the windows over looking the garden. We really want a light house, lots of windows to give us the feeling of space. We have fitted big windows, which Slovaks didn’t understand why. Old Slovak house have tiny windows, so they were shocked we would think of huge ones, and on the new wall we have just built, there will be windows and doors all the way along. Letting the sun in all day. The old chimney is down now, and the big slab of concrete in the middle of the huge room is the new fireplace. This will divide the room into two, one side the kitchen, the other our living room. A new wall will be built to separate this further.

2nd Clip, House on the 20th March

Final Clip, House on the 20th March

The final video shows the end of the house, the two bedrooms and the bathroom, nearly finished in here, and as soon as we get the underfloor heating in through the house, and the water recycling system done, we might have some idea of a moving in date …. maybe ….


  1. Wow it’s really coming on! It never ceases to amaze me quite how big it is. Would love to get my hands on that garden, too.

    • I think when it is finished, with furniture in, and the walls done, it won’t seem so big … but the bedrooms are a decent size. The ‘garden’ or Land as I like to call it is about 2 Acres, fuck knows what I am going to do with it all !

  2. It is a bit easier now to visualize what the interior will eventually look like. You have done an immense amount of work, and it is looking great! I am impressed with the new fireplace, and really really like the beams now. One question though, is the beer cellar still there?

    • The fireplace will be the main thing I really wanted in the house… I get maoned at as it’s a waste of heat etc, but it’s not for heat, it’s for atmosphere etc… and yes, of course the beer cellar is still there doh !!!

  3. wonderful job! can’t wait to see it finished. You’ve done so much in a short time, i’m impressed, wish i had that much energy

    • It doesn’t feel like a short space of time !….. but yes, we are happy, and you find the energy when all you want to do is move in, and away from the in-laws !!!.. We have a great builder as well, who works very hard, and with us doing all we can, you never know, we just might get moved in one day !

  4. Great job, love the beams,put in a vegetable garden with the land. Only two bedrooms though, where are you going to put English Mum when she visits?

    • She can sleep in the barn ! we have plans to exrend again one we get settled, to make more berdrooms. A Vegetable garden you say, we have enough room to have a full farm !… there will be some veggies, but what to do with the rest, I just don’t know yet, orchard and a pond at some point !

  5. Well done, you will be in there before you know it.

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