Posted by: Moon | March 14, 2011

This stresses me

So life in Slovakia has certainly taken a leap for the good recently, not that is was tough before ! Matej is a real star for us, and with me working, it has taken a huge pressure off Mrs M as the only wage earner. I do feel a couple of stresses though right now, and I never thought I was one to suffer from Stress. Mrs M often moans that I don’t ever show my stress and because of that, she feels that I just don’t care. Certainly her parents think I do not take anything seriously as I do not manically fuss and stress over the small things/ I was once told to ‘Control the Controllables’, a motto I def try to live by.

I don’t stress much, because I am very confident that Mrs M and myself will work things out. After all, in the 4 years we have been together, we have sorted out some pretty, in fact very, tough times. I think we have sorted out certain issues that her parents wouldn’t even dream of trying to sort. They treat us a children, forgetting we have travelled the world, sorted so many logistical issues, Visas etc… and always come out smiling. This isn’t through luck, this is through logical, intelligent thinking and organising. They continually gives us the advice you would give to children, because I believe that’s how they see us….. this is causing me stress !

People say that it is lovable, kind hearted etc, and of course, I do realise that it is meant in the best of ways, but when you have someone telling you ‘its cold outside, be careful, wear a hat’ when there is 2 ft of snow, you kinda think… No shit Sherlock (I have yet to learn the Slovak for that)…. It’s driving me nuts. This is of course caused as well by the fact we are still living in the same house as them. It’s not natural, esp as we have our own family now, and the constant advice we are given over Matej causes me stress. We should not be living there. It’s incredibly kind, and very lucky that we can, however… it causes me stress. I like my privacy. I don’t mean I don’t people to se my arse (after all, it is a fine arse, and people should see it), but I mean the privacy of having your own house. Coming home from work and not having to explain how the day was, what I am having for dinner, why I am not hungry, why I am going outside in my bare feet, what I did have for lunch, etc.. the constant life commentary. Sometime, you just want quiet. This causes me stress.

It’s tough on Mrs M, she has conversations, in Slovak, with our builder, as soon as the phone is put down, she is being asked questions about what the hassles are, about what solution we should find, who we should contact etc…. that’s before she has had chance to even explain to me what is going on … this stresses me. We know that building a house is tough, but the constant advice giving, and nosiness of all the family causes me stress. They all want to know, on a daily basis, what is going on. They all want to know how much we have paid for everything, how much we pay our builder…. I find this wrong and insulting. Maybe I am wrong here, but I am very protective of my personal information, and that means I do not tell a soul what things cost us… and it def is no-ones business how much we pay our builder !!!!! this causes me stress !

The house is coming on well, slowly, but to plan, I think all this hassle will go once we get our own 4 walls to call home. The visits are ok, as often as they like, because it’s my house !

I haven’t told them about my health issues, because they will fuss, ask questions everyday, tell us what to do, who to see, when to see them, rather than accepting the fact, we are adults, experienced adults, far more experienced than they ever will be… the advice giving causes me stress, maybe, just maybe that is why I am not feeling to great ?!?!?!?!?


  1. so ugly how nuch are you paying your builder !!!??? x

    • in Euros…. thought you might like that

  2. So why are you going outside in your bare feet, in winter? And how much are you spending, and what are your health issues? Remember – if I didn’t care, I wouldn’t ask.

    • I have always walked about in bare feet, and if I am just popping outside, I’m not going to bother with shoes…. Paying far too much as always… and I will tell all in my next post !

  3. Oh stop moaning.

    • I refer you back to your earlier, private coments

      • I can’t remember what I said, but I’m sure it was intellgent and well reasoned…


        Now stop moaning and write something happy.

  4. I’m with EM, think of the money you’re saving being able to live with them. Just wait until your little fella wants to bring his girlf home and move in to save some kish. You’ll drive them insane with the same stuff. Sad fact of life. I even look at my 24 year old crashed on the couch after a hard day and all I see is a curly haired two year old who just needs a cuddle and a nap.

    • I would happily pay not to live here, trsut me, and I am sure you might think these things, but you don’t freely same them, and get ofended when we do what he wants to do …. I will not drive them insane the same way, I know my Mum doesn’t do these things ……

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