Posted by: Moon | March 11, 2011

Working 9-5, What a way to make a living …

So, after my mid life career break, I am back into work. The 18 months I have been without work has been frustrating, but also time required to adjust to a huge change of lifestyle. Sounds a bit wishy washy that, but I do think it is true. I have been looking for work, very hard in the first place, but the only real opportunity for me to continue my career in Insurance was commuting to Bratislava, which is about 3 hrs commute a day. Would I have done that ?.. well, yes, I would have done. Those that live in England regularly do that kind of commute, so I guess I would have done. With the way of the global economy, those career opportunities in my limited field are getting very rare, so, after exhausting all the possibilities that I had, we decided that it would be best for us as a family, that Mrs M would return to work, and I would end up being Mrs Doubtfire. This was fine by me, I have zero issues with the roles we play in life, and it is simply what is best for us as a family.

This all changed about a month ago. Mrs M had to call into her work to take some papers to her HR dept in readiness for her return to work a month later. During her trip around to say hello to people, the CEO of the company dashed out of a meeting to catch her and ask her if I could contact him over a possible role they were thinking of. Cool !

So, I go in for ‘interview’ the next day, not knowing at all what to expect, and with a very open mind, and the CEO explains they are looking for new management with international experience, and more importantly, a ‘We can do’ attitude. Bugger the fact I have no experience in this field at all, and I cannot speak good enough Slovak for a professional role…. They offer me a job !.

So here I am, working in an Automotive Steel company, training from the very bottom ! The first 2 weeks were awful to be honest. My boss didn’t even expect me, no-one had any time for me, no desk, no laptop….. nothing. I was dumped on people who couldn’t really speak enough English to help ! The company language is English, but most people speak German or Slovak, so it is not easy at all, and of course, I am a fish out of water right now, but getting stuck in where I can. That in itself is a huge challenge, to be working in an company where you cannot ask anyone for help, but what a great experience !

I do not know what role I have here. Sounds strange, but I can kind of see what they are trying to do. The company is currently in a hole. Too many orders, not enough getting through production, and very unhappy clients. It’s a case of all hands on deck to help find and move parts through production as quick as they can. My role at the moment is to be a ‘Hunter’ … nope, not wandering about in a loin cloth and spear, but trying to locate the really urgent parts, and get them through the processes and out of the door. The factory floor is huge, and I spend miles of foot rubber, traipsing the floor looking and searching. The issue I have is I have always had a ‘blokes look’, knowing that Mrs M will always find and know where my keys/wallet/phone will be….. that doesn’t work here !

I have no idea what their final ideas are for me, but I do know they would not employ me with my experience and pay me what they do (not a fortune, but ok for a Slovak depressed job market) to keep me doing this. So, I am the new boy at school, working some long hrs again, but very happy to be finally back into a normal working life, getting new experiences in a new field, and of course, bringing in some pennies for the new house !

Beggars and Choosers !!!


  1. Good luck Moon, sounds a bit daunting but very exciting!

    • Not too daunting, just going to get stuck in !

  2. It certainly does sound challenging, given the language issue and the obvious lack of direction given you to date. However, good to know they have too many orders! No doubt they will sort things out in the near future regarding your position, and by then you will have a much better idea of just how the organization functions. Good luck Moon.

    • That is so true, Had a decent conversation this afternoon on the direction they want me to go, and this is just a learning curve, and they do need me for when the backlog clears, and management beckons !

  3. Well if anyone has a ‘can do’ attitude it’s you, Moon! Ah, the ‘bloke look’ – that’s all anyone does in this house too – must be a family thing. 🙂

    • I think it’s a gender thing !….. Thats a nice positive thing to say, thank you, gotta to have a can do attitude !

  4. Well done! I have to show this to my husband as this is a proof an Englishman can find a decent job in Slovakia!:-)

    • There is a huge demand for English Speakers, but I found I needed Slovak as well. If I was closer to Bratislava, I think it would have been easier x

  5. Not such a bad thing being hands on. Too many managers don’t have a clue what goes on at shop floor level so you’ll be in the know so to speak. Good luck. Throw a little my way will you?

    • Agree, how on earth can you manage anything if you have done the job, or at least understand the job ! Huge luck and hugs coming your way xxx

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