Posted by: Moon | March 9, 2011

Back, Back as a matter of fact

Hello …. I’m back !!

Where have you been you all roar… oh, ok, it’s not a panto is it !

Well, basically, my blog had been… well.. fucked !.. Not too sure why, but I know that my ISP has been having problems changing satellites or something..or maybe they just screwed me over for a couple of Months. Now, I know you are all desperate to know what has been going on in Slovakialand, and I can tell you, it’s been an interesting, hectic time !

Firstly, this little fella has now turned 6 months. He is the proud owner of two teef, and he is quickly becoming a little star ! Yup. We all think our little ones are stars, and I am no exception. He is a delight, no tears, no strops, always has a smile, esp for the ladies. He is now eating solids (blended veggies etc) and when he concentrates, he eats anything we give him. Sleeping still is a little unsettled, he seems to like the early morning starts ! and generally keeps himself busy for half hour in his cot trying to get into the most bizarre positions become yelling… meaning he is stuck !

For me, it’s been a challenging time, a couple of health issues that have worried us, and the most significant step since I have been in Slovakia…. I have found work ! Quite by accident ! Mrs M was in work briefly to take some paperwork in so they could prepare for her return, and the CEO dashed out of a meeting to say he wanted to talk to me about a possible role in the company ! long story short (blog to follow) I am now employed in a Steel Company ! No idea where it will take me, but I am happy with the challenge ! The result of me finding work is also that we have had to find a Nanny for the boy, We have found a good one, she comes to home, and so far, Matej is a happy soul with her.

The House and Meg are coming along very nicely. Meg, like all young dogs has her bad moments, but I think she is doing well, looking healthy and having fun whenever we can spend decent time with her. Not to fear, she is never on her own during the day, our builder makes sure she has company and freedom. The house is slowly taking shape, yes, another blog to follow with updates. I think our move date will be in August time, but so far, we are very happy with the way it is all going.

For now, that is the brief summery, no idea if I will regaling my 4 readers from before, but drop me a comment if you want to hear more about life in rural Slovakia !!!


  1. Bring it on 🙂

    • I’ll try to bored you silly ! not a euphemism !

  2. Great to have you back sweetie xx your little man is gorgeous and it’s good to hear from you again x

    • Thank you, I think so too !

  3. Great to have you back. Hooray for Teef!

    • and thankfully he has been quite good with them…. does bite a little now.. not that I mind, but Mrs M is not so happy !

  4. More! More! At least you have several decent excuses for being absent. I have none. I was going to give up procrastination for Lent, but I don’t know where to start. I have tried knocking down the to-do list, but it keeps regaining consciousness. I think I’ll just show it the paper shredder . . . Hope all is well in the medical issues department.

  5. Love the pics! Glad to see you back! Don’t always comment, but I do lurk a bit! 😉 Oh and congrats on the new job! x

  6. Great pics, hurrah for teef!!!

  7. Those are great photo’s of Matej. He’s adorable

  8. Welcome back! Love the pics (especially the second one!) he’s such a cutie!!

  9. Good to have you back, aside from the bad grammar and offbeat spelling! More on the house my friend.

    • LOL Cortes took the words out of my mouth as usual. It’s called a spellcheck Moon.

      Nice to have you back though.

      • fick orf

  10. glad to see you back, little man is adorable, they grow up too fast!

  11. Awesome photos as always. You have a nanny? How posh unless they’re much cheaper there than day care here! AND fat congrats on the job. Just lost mine and job hunting again.

  12. Glad you are back! Can’t believe how much Matej has grown, he’s such a handsome little man. Sounds like there are lots of exciting things going on in your lives at the moment. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures now your blog is behaving itself 🙂

  13. Hmmmm I haet to tell you this but old englishmum is right, your style is lovely and chatty – I likes!

    Hope new job works out well, and how cute is Matej – I have a little girl a few months older with only one tooth but equally as cute!

    look forward to reading more


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