Posted by: Moon | January 18, 2011

A Huge Twitter Thank You

People surprise me, in good and bad ways, I try to ignore the bad, and this is a post about the good. I use Twitter, quite a bit as it happens, and the other day I tried to rectify a cock up I had made with Mrs M by using the force of my Twitter friends.

Many people advise and tried to help, but lucky for me, one girl poked her head above the helpful and became a star!

Amy, or know to us twitters as @and1moremeans5, said she could help. I had pissed off Mrs M but stating that in no way could we afford to buy a video camera. I really don’t like them, and I can think of far better ways to be spending the money. Apparently I was wrong… apparently I didn’t think my response through fast enough, and “Not a chance” included none of the correct words…

So, the wonderful Amy said she had something that could help, and if I was willing to pay the postage, it would be here on Monday…

Today is Monday… Here is the result…

Thank you Amy, you overstepped the mark of a Twitter friend, in fact, over stepped the mark of most normal friends.

You get a gold star, and a massive Thank You!!!!!



  1. Great stuff! Good looking boy, takes after his mom! 🙂

  2. he is getting so big. going to have to look into one of those flip cameras. i’ve been using my digital to take movies of grandkids, this looks better

  3. Awwww I’m so glad you Like it!! I’m always happy to help a friend besides now we all get to see how cute and gorgeous your son is!! He’s adorable I hope you capture even more baby memories with the flip. I’ll wear my goldstar with pride xx

  4. He’s so cute Moon and you won’t regret using the video! x

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