Posted by: Moon | January 16, 2011

Silent Sunday


  1. Truly beautiful, I do so love snow…

    • It’s beautiful at times….

  2. Thats a stunning photo, even if you had to endure more snow to capture it!

    • The tree is right at the turning for our tiny village, a huge Oak…

  3. Stunning! You can almost ‘hear’ nature in this!

    • Thank you, it the road that leads to our little village, I love that tree

  4. What a stunning shot. That’s the right amount of snow for me, enough to make the world look pretty but not enough to disrupt me!

    • We have had loads, and this is it retreating, guessing we will get dumped on again soon

  5. That’s a breathtaking scene – so haunting.

    Did expect to come here and see the famous dressing gown though 😀

    • You never know when I might just make it a feature !!!

  6. Well done, love b&w landscapes.

    • Me too, I do like a B&W .. when you come over, I’ll show you the very tree, it a big Slovak landmark

  7. So envious of your equipment. I mean camera skills. I really need to get into some creative photography and soon.

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