Posted by: Moon | January 14, 2011

Back to the grindstone ..

I’m back… sorry, been a while…

After a delightful, but tiring trip home for Chrimble, I am sure you heard all about the trials of re-booking flights etc, and of course seeing all friends and family is perfect, but when Master Wheeler decides he doesn’t like sleeping, it can become exhausting.

I returned home hoping for huge strides forward in the building of my castle… apparently an Englishman’s home is his castle… looks like a fucking mess to me ! I was naturally disappointed to find nothing had moved forward. Not our builders fault.. the weather had taken a turn for the worse, and plummeted to -12-15 at night, and not getting about -6 during the day. Now, I would send my grandma out to work in colder temps than that, but to be fair to Maros, he couldn’t do a thing as the water had frozen !.. so, he had to stare out of the window, watching the world go by until this Monday … frustrating !

So, what have we done so far this week …. Floors… we had concreted 4 rooms. That’s a lot of concrete I can tell you, and although it sounds pretty simple, it’s not. To get a true level through the whole house is a tough ask. From the Bathroom, across Matej’s room, and then across ours, there was a drop of 25cms…

Also note that the first fix Sparks are done, inc 2 boxes. This is a huge step, to have all the wiring in place is massive, and really makes us feel as if progress is being made !


So here are the photos :

This is our bedroom. (Will be in the future the main entrance) Note the new windows (will be removed later, and used elsewhere) and note the new electric box and cabling. Of course, the reason for the pic is to show you the new floor… stunning huh !


This is from the back of Matej’s room (will be the guest room), behind me is the door to the bathroom. I have moved all my tools (yup, I have all the gear, no idea…)…

Below is the footings for the fireplace. It doesn’t actually look that deep does it, but the blisters on my rugged, now manly hands, tell a different story ! It was an open grave for the MIL, but now is full of cement. (She is still with us, honestly)


Here we have Joseph, one of the guys from the village doing my labouring. Sounds harsh, but he gets paid 10 Euro a day. He doesn’t bust a gut (would you for that money), but he always works, and he earns his money. He also gets paid in beer, which explains half of his interesting aroma !

He is currently mixing concrete in our soon to be (seems for ever) English style, country kitchen, in fact, he is standing exactly where the range cooker will go

The ever hard-working Maros, halfway through the flooring.

And…. just about finished. Behind his arse, is where the fireplace will go, and you are looking from the Dining Room / Kitchen across the living room, and at the far end will be the open office and bookcase area…. got it ?

and finally… well, I am sure you all know who had to get in on the act ……





  1. Your block is fantastic looking and the floors are beautiful! Wow, this is quite an achievement for such an Englishman! Miska has straightened you away pretty good! I LOVE IT! Thanks for keeping us posted. Also – I adore your new windows. but was wondering how they open – I don’t see a sash so they must push out is that right?


    • Hi Karen …. They open two ways, completely, or they tilt. We spent money on good quality windows, and they have been fitted very well, we are very happy with them

  2. I am still fascinated that you are able to get anything accomplished, considering you don’t speak the lingo. When we were in Sardinia, it once took me an entire day just to find light bulbs and wash cloths. I ran in and out of mom and pop shops for hours. Then there was the time I had to buy my son new shoes at the Friday open market, and I had to resort to tracing around his foot and wagging a piece of paper from vendor to vendor because I didn’t know his European size. I could go on, but your eyes would glaze over.

    As for the house, I am beginning to visualize where you are going with this renovation. Keep up the good work and keep us posted!

    • Well, it is tough, My wife does the ordering, and my bad Slovak is enough for me to talk with my builder, and we have to have regular meetings with all three of us. I am now teaching him English, he has learnt a few swearwords so far !!!!!

  3. Wow such a transformation from your original pictures when you started. I’m sure with all the hard work you and your builders are doing it will turn into a beautiful
    House for your family.

    • Very slowly we are making progress, when you are there everyday, it seems like we are not moving forward at all, but… I think we are, and the Electrics going in is a major step…. so, onwards, and next week more concrete, and maybe a new wall coming down ….

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