Posted by: Moon | January 4, 2011

Big Steps forward ….

It’s been a while since my last post about the house, and we have had a Christmas break back to England as well. The weather has taken a nasty turn for the worst. With temps now going down to -10 Deg C and below. Not only does it make it uncomfortable to work in, it’s makes it impossible as the sand freezes, and you cannot mix cement with frozen sand and water ! So, Maros has had some time off as well, but not before we made 3 very positive leaps forward in the house.


Firstly we have got the plumbing and electric in the front half of the house. We had to get this in before we leveled and cemented the floors. So, we have got plumbing for the bathroom sorted, and very importantly, we have thought ahead. We know that at some point we will be adding a West Wing (sounds posh huh), so we need to make sure the plumbing and a second Electric box have been added. easy to do now, at minimal cost, but makes life much easier in the long run.


So, here are the front two rooms, Matej’s / Guest bedroom, our bedroom (will finally be the entrance hall) and the bathroom. All plumbed in, and the first fix sparks in place.


Our room, plumbing and Sparks for the 'West Wing'



Matej's room, sparks and plumbing..



Plumbing for the bathroom


The other great leap we have made is concreting the above floors. Under the wooden floors we removed, it’s just dirt. No good for us, so we have had to concrete them in, luckily we managed to get this done before the cold stopped us doing the work. It didn’t help that one of my helpers managed to get an electric shock of one of the cement mixers !!! still, warmed him up a bit ! It’s another huge leap forward for us. We have to concrete all the floors of the whole house, to get them all level and to the same standard. Involves quite a lot of concrete I can tell you, so to get the first layer down means alot to us.

The third, and I think the biggest break through is getting 7 new windows in. We have replaced 3 windows in Matej’s room, and our room, but more importantly, we have knocked 4 brand new windows through. They are all on the North side of the house where previously there were no windows. One has gone into the garage room, a huge one into the new kitchen. One into the dinning room, and a final, most important one into our new bathroom.

It’s an amazing transformation when you finally take down the coverings, and the house has new, natural light, really shows what we are trying to do, and how the house is being transformed.


Cutting the large Kitchen window



The window cut, ready for the new one


So, there you have it… we are not working now, suspended for freezing weather….. and I can only keep my ‘Gladstone Smalls” warm for so long ..





  1. The progress is quite impressive really, and things are starting to take to shape. What are the small walls still standing in the interior for (I am sure you have explained them previously, but I have forgotten)? Should make some great leaps forward once the weather begins to cooperate. Looks good so far Moon!

    • They are the current chimney, where the small burner vents. That will come down, to make way for the new chimney and open fire place …..

  2. Oh wow, didn’t realise you were building your own house? Amazing! I sooo want to do that (someday!)… Can’t wait to see what it’s like when ur finished! Happy New Year also to you & your family 🙂 x

    • Thank you, HNY to you and yours too !..It a rare thing to be able to do, and despite the urge to get it done, really enjoying this

  3. Looking good although i can’t imagine it being so cold that sand freezes . . I still can’t quite visualise the finished product but you’re certainly making progress. We wouldn’t be allowed to run electrics adjacent to plumbing lines tho.

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