Posted by: Moon | November 30, 2010

4 Weeks in ….

Firstly, our new guard dog .. enter if you dare !!!!


So, I didn’t update after 3 weeks, for a couple of reasons… no new photos to speak of, so I didn’t see the point of blogging. Also, we lost our builder for a week. He managed to crack a rib, so he was honest, didn’t try to pad out time doing stuff to get paid…. and it kinda worked out to my advantage. My Twitter friends already know that I have been sanding beams for 6 days solid. No way could Maros (the builder) even hope to work with all the horrible shite that came off the 23 beams that I had to sand !


So, although it doesn’t look like we have achieved much in these 2 weeks (esp compared to the first 2 weeks) I think we achieved loads. The beams are sanded, cleaned and ready for the new ceiling to go in, and for them to be treated and coated. The job of sanding them was, quite frankly, awful, I hated it. I think I went through 32 sanding discs, and to sand the underside of them was a killer. I started off with a paper mask, but soon found it was pretty rubbish, and my protective goggles just steamed up after 2 mins … so, I bought a proper face mask, and Mrs M came up with the super idea of using my snowboarding goggles !.. worked a treat !

and this is what I have been sanding ! .. This is in Matej’s room, and will eventually be a guest room ….

so, what else have we been doing .. Well, Maros returned to work on Saturday, so 4 days ago, and he has built our first internal wall… Try to remember it was all open before, and now he has built the wall for the bathroom, and for us to have a small office area coming off the main sitting room. So, although it’s all open plan, the recess shown here will have a desk, and bookshelves in, and a normal ceiling, no beams. We didn’t originally plan it this way, but the mash up of beams in this part of the house meant we had to re-think things, and re-design so that these beams could be supported. We are probably happier with the new design than we were before !

So, this was the old entrance to the old kitchen. It will be slightly wider, and this corridor will run down to the bathroom door.

To the left of this is a new entrance, and both this, and the one next to it will be shallow arches. This is the view from inside the main living room, showing where the recess office will be, and the new entrance into the living room.


Where you can see the watering can, and the yellow wall, this remember disappear and will be all open as well, that radiator etc will be gone soon.


This next photo is to show you more of the beams that I have sanded, and these will all be on show throughout the sitting room. You can also see the white chimney. This is where the open fireplace will be, and a solid wall running from the right hand side outer wall, to roughly where the current chimney ends, it will then be open through to the kitchen. The wall to the left remember will be coming down, with just 2 pillars to support the roof.


This final shot is in reverse, from the ‘new’ kitchen looking through to the living room, and the new recess we are building…..again, try to imagine that right hand wall not being there, but 3 pillars, and then opens up a further 5-7 feet to the new, outer wall.


finally, Meg still doesn’t help, and we have a friendly woodpecker out in the old walnut tree … I love the sound he makes !!


So, it doesn’t






  1. Love the beams and Meg is adorable, she has turned out lovely.

    • She certainly is…. naughty, but very lovable !

  2. Looking good, dude.

    • Slowly !

  3. Looks fabulous. And you are very ‘tidy’ builders I must say. Love the beams although here it would be a matter of days before they were all covered in cobwebs.

    • I make sure I am cleaning and tidying all the shite away as we go, otherwise we would not be able to move !!!!…. and I know what comes with your cobwebs, all sorts of nastys !

  4. Shaping up nicely, and the beams must have been nasty. What walnut tree, last I heard you were chopping down?

    • It was nasty….. really cover in dust, creosote etc …. We have 3 more huge Walnut tress standing…. so he has a home …

  5. You’ve done so much and your little helper that doesn’t help is so cute. Hmmmm least you haven’t got the suberb weather that the UK has had ! even in Glasgow it seems to have forgotten we don’t get snow and walking has been a major problem 🙂

  6. Wow! You have been busy and how wonderful are those beams? Well done you and your team!

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