Posted by: Moon | November 18, 2010

Week 2 on the House …. Beam O’Clock !

So, after the mammoth start of last week, demolition always makes a huge impression, so this week so far has been a little slower. Just as many hrs put in, but not quite as dramatic.. so what have we done ?

Well, for starters, I have been burning !.. lots, got myself a proper pikey oil drum, and slowly, but surely I have burning my rubbish, very satisfying !

We have taken down 2 out of our 3 chimneys. Again, doesn’t sound too much, but this isn’t simply knocking them down, high up, obviously, in the roof, they have to be very carefully taken down brick by brick ! We have also dug and laid our first foundations for some  new construction. We are not actually going to be building too many walls internally, these ones here, and a fireplace, otherwise it’s all coming down ! I feel pretty proud of digging my own foundations for my family home, not that many people actually get the chance to do this, and this is something I will always know I did !

The best thing, and the hardest and dirtiest job, was bringing down the entire ceiling of the house. In the exposed ‘kitchen’ part of the house we could see there were timber beams running across the house, we logically assumed (yes, can make a ass out of u and me).. that they would run the length of the building, and would make a wonderful feature ….. so.. what did lie underneath that ceiling ????

These beauties !

The ceiling here is now on the floor, horrible stuff, mix of plaster and straw, and god knows how many years of shite and dust, all to come down on top of us !!



This is muggings cleaning the beams that go right through the house, all the dust and cobwebs to come off them, and then to grind off over 1000 nails that are just rusted into the beams. We will then sand them, treat them, and they will become the main feature of the house… we are so lucky to have them, I would imagine they would cost a fair amount to put in place, thick, old, Oak beams !


All got a bit funny here, and we have found a few beams that will go above the open office and bathroom are not quite supported as we would like !!! We have a solution mind, and all will be ok, just strange the way it suddenly changes from the rest of the house !


My first foundations !!! this wall will be the bathroom wall, and the small entrance hall leading down to the bathroom !



My helper… who is no fucking help at all, thinks the whole thing is just a game !!!














  1. Great job and emhem! You can send Meg my way any day!

    • Everytime she runs off with my gloves…. I’ll think about it !

  2. How about some more photos of Meg? The beams may be lovely and all, but she is still nicer!

    • She is cute enough, but selectively deaf …

  3. Certainly taking shape, and I do like the beams. You need to deal with all those pipes associated with the heating though. Still, a fantastic start!

    • Thats my job to do today !.. all coming out except the furnace, gotta have some warmth when the temps drop like a stone

  4. just make sure that you keep wearing those mask, don’t want to get some of that old stuff in your lungs. can’t wait to see the finished house

    • Too right, buying a decent one today ready for the lovely job of sanding them !!

  5. Looking good dude! I’m with DBM – less beam more dog!

  6. Wow you’ve got stuck in! Love the exposed beams we had them in our apartment in Paris and they add so much character. Keep up the good work, better you than me!

  7. Looking good Moon, your hard work is starting t pay off. I love the beams but am really glad it wasn’t me clearing all the old stuff to uncover them – blummin awful job that is, I know!

    Meg looks well and seems to be growing fast.

    Keep up with the work and I’ll look forward to reading more about.


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