Posted by: Moon | October 31, 2010

Not for the fainthearted.. serious warning……do not look if you don’t like meat !

**Warning, some pictures here may well upset the animal lover in you. You were warned ! **


So, after 11 months of feeding, cleaning them out and making sure they are ok, D-Day arrived for the Pigs. I have kept my distance from them on purpose. Those of you that know me understand that I love all animals, and I know if I would have gotten close to these two, then yesterday would have been heartbreaking. That said, we are not naive to think that our sausages and bacon just arrive on the shelf at Tesco. We are also not naive to think that they have a wonderful life before dying of old age before getting to said supermarket. We treat these pigs well. They are clean, never hungry and certain have space and are never stressed. The better we look after them, the better the feed and the lack of chemicals means we have very good meat from them.

The kill is done as humanly as possible. Exactly how this is done I do not know, or indeed want to know. I stay inside, out-of-the-way. No way could I be there for that. We bring a specialist in from the next village, and all is done and dusted by 7am. It’s a really long day, and a team effort by all the family. Shots of Domaca are passed around regularly, and everyone just gets stuck in. I don’t have any issues once the pig is dead, for me, it then becomes meat, and if you eat it, then I am happy to be part of the slaughter.

Interestingly though, I do not eat the sausages or bacon etc produced by our pigs. Why ?… Well, we use all of the pig. There is very little that does not end up in the food somewhere. For that reason I cannot look at a sausage or haggis for a very long time. So much fat goes into these I can’t stand it ! This time Mrs M and I have taken our share of meat separately and will mince it ourselves and taken cuts for us to use in our way of cooking. The Slovak way is to fry alot of the meat as they cook it. Not for me. I kinda like my arteries the size they are, and I just can’t stomach fried food.

So, here are the gruesome pictures….. I did warn you !

So, before the sun comes up, and it is about -1 Deg C, the piggies are bought up to the tables, they are heavy, the bigger one here is about 240lbs, onto the tables so the work can start. Ideally you want the meat to cool before you start, but we haven’t got all day !



Mrs M’s Uncle is here doing the burn work. If you didn’t know, pigs are quite hairy creatures, and no-one wants hairy bacon do they ! Also, you have to scrape the skin and clean them, remove toenails and get down right dirty !



All parts are used, here I am cleaning off the head, and then placing these, plus the trotters into boiling vats to be used later.

Pig love !



Now that is a good lump of fresh pork !



This is what it is all for, to fill the freezer !.. Below is boiling the fat to make cooking fat. You would be amazed at the amount of fat there is in a healthy pig ! This smells horrible, and the smell stays with you for a long time, turning my stomach when I smell frying meat again.. bleugh !

And finally, the sausages hanging. cooling and ready for freezing.


So, I understand that this may not be your thing, I understand the love of animals more than most, but now I also understand the natural way of living, you provide for yourself, so anyone that thinks they can’t do this… I thought the same, but in reality, it is natural and a learning experience. The freezer is full, so rather than taking stuff of a shelf at the supermarket, we have done it all ourselves.



  1. Well they do say happy and contented animals make for tastier meat! Can’t say I’d want to take part in that…but those sausages and pork joint look soooo good x

  2. absolutely fantastic Moon…Its a shame you cant bring some to the Farmers market in Berko…you would make a killing!!! sorry poor pun

  3. Absolutely fascinating, Moon. Thanks so much for posting the pics x

  4. Couldn’t agree with English Mum more, really fascinating. Well done for giving the pigs a good life that they otherwise would never have had, and for making sure that nothing goes to waste.

  5. Perfect, and I would definitely take the bacon!

  6. Me too… do you ever dry cure any of it? And I couldn’t agree more with your reference to the hypocrisy of supermarket ‘meat’ eaters who shrink from the realities of killing and eating the animals who make it. If I can guarantee, like you, a healthy happy life and not being transported across half of Europe to a factory death, so much the better.

  7. Lovely looking pork there Moon and should keep your freezer stocked for a while yet.

    We’re almost due to slaughter one of ours again here. I’m like you and not interested in the kill (as long as it’s done humanely) but don’t mind the rest. I feed them all twice daily, handle them, talk to them and love all of our pigs

    Nothing better than home reared, home killed and home cooked. I’m already planning “Pig Roast No.2”.

    How’s the weather where you are?


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