Posted by: Moon | October 25, 2010

Our new home and our future plans ..

It has  been a long time coming, We first saw the place and the end of April, with lots of gentle negotiation, time spent with the owner and a very difficult course through Slovak banks, offices and regulations, we finally bought the place, Lock, Stock and Barrel 6 weeks ago. We had agreed that the Lady, who is 85, could stay there to sort her affairs out until Nov 1st. Well, a week early, she moved out yesterday. This place is all ours ! It is a mess, lots left behind (as we agreed) and now we will sweep through the place and empty it ready for me and the builder to demolish.

This is the place. The old barn is spectacular, and will be in our future plans. The house is what we are concentrating on for now. The sun comes from right to left as you look, giving us sunshine all day. We have 2 acres of land which this photo is taken over, perfect for a pond, fruit tress and a lovely garden / lawn for Matej and any others that come along. Hidden behind the trees in the end of the house we are leaving as it is. Two, large bedrooms, wooden floors and high ceiling. With new windows they will become ours and Matej’s bedrooms. The rest of the place will change. It’s hard to describe. The house is very long and currently thin. So.. we are going to knock down all the rest of the internal walls !

This is the current kitchen, with doors leading to a long bathroom, and a living room. All these walls you see will go knocked down. at this end of the house, the Right end will be the bathroom and the open Living room. A half dividing wall between the living room and kitchen will be provided by a large stone open fireplace. Cosy

This is the other end of the house, the left as you look at the top picture. Currently been cleared and used for my garage, however the rear will become a boiler room, the front a wet/dirty room for washing machines, dirty boots and a loo. In the middle here can can see wooden boards, underneath is a 6 ft drop for a mechanics pit… nearly fucking lost me down it 2 days ago, needless to say, this will be filled in !!! Note the door on the right ……

the cellar…. the perfect wine cellar ! It’s not too large, but it stay dry during the rain, and will make an excellent cool cellar to store all my alcoholic goodies !!.. woo hoo !! Might also make a decent place for the mother-in-law …. (insert evil grin)

So, use you imagination, and think you have moved to room next door to the one before. You can see the roof of the cellar going down … it takes up a huge amount of space in what will become out kitchen. You are looking from the back of the kitchen outwards. The Slope will be replaced with a trap door, and the wall in front of you will be removed. The roof to be supported by as small and infrequent pillars as we can get away with (after all, that wall supports the whole house !) So, the new outside wall be where the coat in the sunshine can be seen, making the whole house some 6 ft wider. You’ll see this better in a further down. The photo below shows the beamed ceiling. We believe  this beams will run the length of the house, and will be on show throughout, hopefully with a vaulted ceiling….. we hope

The next photo is down the length of the house, and shows the current external wall, which will become pillars, and shows the next outside wall. The new outside wall will be long windows, glass doors opening out into the garden and a patio.

This lower picture is now the left hand end of the wall. This was used for Chooks and pigs, but it is now cleared, and will be scrubbed etc for storing all the building materials and then for the cars. The pillar on the right will be the left end of the living space, extended forward and have windows and door all facing out into the garden.

So that’s the plan and the dream. You must remember, my previous life I was a BMW driving, suit wearing City Underwriter….. so for me to be in my overalls working full time with a Slovak builder is a huge challenge…. but I have all the motivation a man could ever ask for !!! Wish me luck !


  1. Absolutely amazing! You have taken on a huge challenge here Moon, and one which will likely keep you occupied for many months to come. It will be dusty and dirty and likely will result in the odd swollen finger and thumb, but there is one thing operating in your favor; your thinning hair will not catch much dust, so cleaning up should be relatively quick and easy!

    Good luck and best wishes for a successful outcome!

    • it’s not thinning I cut it short ! It is a huge challenge, but with our determination, and of course the desire to get our own place… we’ll get there

  2. Lordy, Moon, just a bit of work to do then! Good luck…you have lots of motivation to make it into a lovely family home – and a spare bedroom for Auntie at some point? X

    • The Cellar ???

  3. I love the photo of the length of the house – I want to clear out all that junk (I’m assuming it’s not yours, that’s very rude of me if it is!) and put a table and chairs there and add a bbq – one of those nice concrete ones? Can you do that?!

    • Well.. we have just moved our stuff there .. how rude !!! …. well, no, it’s all been cleared now !.. I agree, however, that will be the inside of the house soon… and then a large patio on the outside of that wall .. you’ll see x

  4. I love it! I think it’ll be fabulous when all’s said and done! The cellar’s a bit scary, like something out of a good horror flick! lmao You will feel such a sense of pride and accomplishment when you’re finished and I can’t wait to see your vision completed! Get crackin’ lad! xx

    • The cellar and the barn were the first two reasons I wanted it.. and the size of the land .. so much potential, and in the smallest of villages … but don’t go into the cellar alone …….. (said in a Halloween kinda way)

      • I can’t think about cellars without thinking of the kids TV programme Rentaghost from years back …….”Don’t go into the Cellar!”

        Am I showing my age now 😉

  5. I would like to give you some words of wisdom about renovating a house, but I am afraid to say that I can’t, since I am obviously crap at it!
    But good luck – hopefully you will be better at it than me!

    • I am thinking our will cost a little less ! but have just as many issues !!!!!!

  6. wow amazing house and a huge task but i bet it will look amazing in the end. Good luck with it all!!!

    • Thank you Amy.. yes, many frustrating, long work days ahead, but the vision is there, and so is the will. It all about be determined and getting your dream

  7. Well it’s certainly a ‘rennovator’s delight’ . . best of British with that one but LOVE you’re verandah, very Aussie and wonderful. Has reams of potential but you’d better get yourself a decent pair of gum boots!

    • I have a great saying Baino… “All the gear, No idea” … I believe in making sure you have the right tools to do the job…. bought a cement mixer a few days back !!!!

  8. Ah, Moon, you have your work cut out, but what a project!! Such a lovely property, and when you have it all as you want it, it will be absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the ‘after’ pictures!

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