Posted by: Moon | October 14, 2010

7 Weeks have passed …

Wow… really, has it been 7 weeks since Matej came along ?

Sometimes it feels like yesterday, other times it feels as though he has been here forever !

Well, he is still cute a s a button ! Over the last 2 weeks he has changed tremendously, all for the better. I think the added stimulation of having his Auntie Rach and Grandma here has bought him on loads. He now reacts to us singing and dancing, and breaks out into a wonderful smile. He also screams Bloody Murder when he is not happy ! Most of the time he seems to be happy, and if he is in a screaming fit, it is always for a reason. He needs the boob, or he is being dressed. For some reason, he loves to lie about, bollocks in the wind having a dance (can you tell he is my son ?).


His sleep pattern is now emerging properly, we have a tight routine that fits us all, s it means Matej get used to his sleep patterns, and we get to plan our day, and make sure we can get out and about at the right times to suit Matej. He is sleeping ok, sometimes these things called growth spurts (yup, news to me!) can upset these routines, but they don’t last more than a couple of days. He goes down at 7, wakes around 12 and 4 for feeds then back up at 6-7 ish. Naps in the morning and afternoon, with a 2 hr sleep about mid-day (thats Matej btw, not me). So, all in all, he is being a good lad, and with Mrs M coping with motherhood, all seems well in Da Family. He sleeps in his room, has done from day 1, and he seems to be very happy with the routines. Mrs M is feeding very well and he is putting weight very nicely.


So, what does a 7 week old like to do ? apart from feed, fart and burp (again, can you tell that he is my boy?) we have found he loves music. Auntie R bought over a mobile for the cot which he loves, and we have moved the sound system into his room so we can have some sounds on while he is being changed, or just for a dance. what music you might ask does the little fella like ?.. Well, currently he loves KT Tunstall’s Black Horse, and he does like a bit of Abba ! To watch his little legs and arms move about as he giggles is priceless. I do have one concern, the arms and leg movements all seem to be in 4 different directions, and not one of them seems to be in time with the beat. (yet another father reference)… we need to work on this, and get him to cut some shapes pretty soon. I shall be teaching him to ‘Pat the Dwarfs’ ‘Deal the Cards’ and  ‘Surf the Surfboard’ over the next few weeks.

So, what’s next for the little tyke, well, with a constant stream of visitors he is kept busy, Ma and Pa Slovak fussing (far too much I might add) over him, he is a busy soul. We have also booked a trip home for Christmas, so who knows what he is going to be like on a flight, good luck to the poor fucker who books a seat next to us !

The only sad part was having to say goodbye to Auntie and Grandma. They loved to see him, hold and bath him, and he will have changed so much before they get to fuss over him again at Christmas. It’s tough, but that’s the life we have chosen, as soon as we get moving on the house and get moved in (hopefully by May 2011) then they can come and stay just as long as they like !


"Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps pls"





  1. Moon he is absolutely ADORABLE and he’s gotten so big. Loving that first photo, very sweet.

    • He does have a cute smile when he wants to !… he is growing fast, loves his milk does Matej !

  2. Great stuff my friend. Your son will need to up his capacity for lager if he is to keep up with his dad!

    • He will be able to out drive me pretty soon I think !

  3. so gorgeous and well done to both of you. xxx

    • Thank you Darling, very kind of you to say xxx

  4. So, the little man is smiling now, is he? I expect him to look a little happier next time I skype you then! Perhaps after his two pints of lager and packet of crisps he will be in a happy state of mind.

  5. Now I’m not a lover of babies but he’s very cute, clearly takes after his mother.

  6. When my boys were babies everyone said to make the most of them because they grow up so fast. Now they’re 11 and 9 and it’s just flown by.

    Matej looks so full of fun…he’s going to have lots of adventures!

  7. He’s beautiful. Our girls are 17 weeks now, although really they’re 8 weeks, so they’re about the same age as Matej and pretty much at the same stages. I can’t discuss night times in too much detail…. too much trauma lol but they’re similar x 2 shudder.

    He really is lovely, i love the photos. xx

  8. Aw, sounds like you are all getting along great. He is a really handsome little thing!

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