Posted by: Moon | October 7, 2010

Our first year in Slovakia

Wednesday was our 1st year anniversary in Slovakia. 365 days since we packed up from California, Vancouver and Northchurch to head to this new (old fashioned) Slovak world.

As always on new trips to new countries (I have visited here before obviously, but to move is a whole new thing) I was very excited. I wasn’t sad to be leaving Northchurch again, after all, I have only spent brief visits there in the last 3 yrs and it is a short flight away. What I didn’t get, and never do, is this wasn’t a 2 week holiday.. this was a move long term !…. The year has been a constant surprise, excitement, challenge and over all, a wonderful first year here.

So, what has happened ?

Have I learnt the language ?… Well…. No ..

But, I am certainly far further forward that I was. My Ma and Sister have just visited, and I can proudly say I could do a lot of the translating, and ordering of food when we went out ! I say proud, because I don’t think I had realised quite how far  I have improved. I still feel a total Muppet when everyone jabbers on, but clearly I am getting there, but of course… I need to practice more and more !

We are still living with Anka and Milan (Mrs M’s parents) On the whole this has been successful. We have our moments when it stresses me to be fussed over like a 5 yr old, being told to put shoes on because I will be cold and get sick, (btw, I am never sick) to be told I should eat more, and generally be told and helped to do most things…. Ps, I am 3&#^@! yrs old, How did I ever managed to travel the world huh ??… but I know it is all well-meant, and it could be so much worse !

We have become property magnets … We bought a plot of land in a local village a while back, and we were happily designing our new house and getting the permits required. It was mentioned to us, unofficially, that a Lady in a tiny village closer by might want to sell her old place… hmmm….after lots of visits, coffee’s and general chat from Miska, the Lady said she would sell to us. She was leaving her house after 50 years, very sad for her… but what an opportunity for us ! It’s about 2 Acres of land, a huge barn, and a house we can re-build and design. We adore the place… just fell in love with in at first sight. Plans are drawn, I have started work on the outside, and we will begin the reconstruction from the 1st Nov, with an aim to be moved in by May 24th. Do remember I have spent the last 10 yrs in a suit in The City and LA, I am excited, but nervous at become a builder !

We have had visitors. My Brother and his Wife have been over to spend a magical 5 days with us here, and into the Mountains, and yesterday I said goodbye to my Sister and Ma. I find it wonderful they will make the efforts to come to a place that really no-one would ever think of seeing just because we are here. I am very lucky to have them all.

We have also gained a Dog ! Yesterday’s blog explained all us finding and rescuing her from the road side, and Meg is settling well, and I can tell will be a life long friend to us !

I guess the biggest development in those 12 months is our Son Matej. He arrived with us exactly 6 weeks ago today. All the stories people tell you about amazement, lack of sleep, frustration, wonderment, life changing are all true. We are so lucky to have our boy, and we are now a growing family. None of my Siblings can have children, and Ma was not happy about not being a Grandma… but Matej has taken on the burden of the family name, and I hope he will be joined by a sister at some point !

Underneath all of these achievements, the rock of this family in the last 12 months has been Mrs M. What a woman. With my lack of Slovak, she has found a good job, worked hard, organised everything (which trust me, in this ‘can’t do’ country, she has been amazing…. !!

god knows what the next 12 months will bring ?!?!?!?



  1. Happy first Slovakia anniversary Moon – great post and hats off to Mrs M too!

    Look at the pic of you and Matej – you are holding your head in your hands the same way – like father like son 🙂

    PS the greythounds send waggy tails to teeny tiny Meg – she is just adorable xx

  2. Happy 1st anniversary! What an adventure you’ve had! Gorgeous photos.

  3. Aww Simon you’re blessed. A nightmare start but how beautifully your year ended up.The baby is gorgeous and the house is lovely now you have the dog to boot. You must be happy as pigs in poo, I’m very happy for you all.

  4. What an amazing adventure you are having. Good for you, you only live once and my god do I know how short life can be. Make the most of it and have a great time with your lovely wife and beautiful little boy. Hope you are still enjoying it. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs.mmmm maybe minus the pig though!:0) Have a good day.

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