Posted by: Moon | October 6, 2010

How Meg found her Dream Home …

I love Dogs … simple, I am obsessed with them. Mrs M has agreed that when we move into our dream country home, we can have two of them. We have debated what dogs to have, and we kinda agree on that. We have also agreed that we will not be buying any dogs, but we will go to the local Dogs Home and find two brother puppies and give them the best home any Slovak dog will ever find.

Well, last Thursday, Ma and I were talking a walk to our new village and all of a sudden Mrs M’s and my plans were slightly set askew. Sometimes you have no choice who comes your way, and it seems like in May, the two new arrivals will already have a ‘sister’ in situ. As we walked, talking like we do, this small rag tailed urchin of a mutt limped out of the road side ditch and came towards us. Our hearts were broken instantly and Ma and I fussed her and shed a tear at this poor little thing. No way in a million years would we walk on, so I called Mrs M and she arrived to take the little puppy onto our new home…

She was in a bad way. Her back legs didn’t seem to work at all, and she had a nasty lump on her tummy. With ticks and fleas and mites in her ears, I did wonder if this little soul would have one more warm night before moving onto the Kennel in the Sky. Well, if that would to be the case, at least she would be comfortable for her last night, and not die in the cold road side ditch, or from an oncoming car. The next day we bathed her, fed her a little, and she very happy to have some love in her life. The following day came the trip to the vets, and I honestly didn’t think she would be coming home with us. She did. She was given various shampoo’s and creams for her problems, and after another bath or two she was beginning to act like a puppy.

After two more days of TLC, some food, warmth and another bath.. I am amazed at this little thing …. Her lump has gone. She is feeding, biting and playing like all puppies should. She loves her collar, chases her toys and the best thing is.. her back legs are getting stronger and she is using them !…

So we now have a dog ! Meg will be a wonderful soul. She is gentle, loves a cuddle, and she will be the boss of the two arrivals we get in May. Here she after a week of TLC !

Welcome Meg !


  1. YAY! She’s utterly gorgeous. Welcome to the family, Meg! x

  2. I so love this puppy. She has personality and I am really happy that she found a home with you and your family. Matej has a loyal devoted guardian for life.

  3. Ah such a heartwarming story – poor little mite. She is so lucky to have found a loving home. And you are so lucky to have found such an adorable new addition to the family.

  4. Wow, what a lovely story. I’m sure she’ll love you forever for rescuing her. I really, really love the first photo – it’s just gorgeous.

  5. Aw Moon that story really moved me,brought a lump to my throat. Yeah I’m a big dog-loving sap!! She’s very cute,enjoy 🙂

  6. I was watching the local cable channel last night – SPCA Adopt a Pet segment. Do you think Mr. DBM will have got the hint?

  7. How absolutely gorgeous. She really is a very lucky puppy & I reckon you are very lucky to have found her too. I reckon you’ll have many happy years together!

  8. Blubbing like a baby!! That is the saddest and happiest story i have read in a long time. Shame on the person who left her to die and thank heavens for people like you Moon, someone who won’t look the other way. You are a hero and long live Meg. xx

  9. She is so gorgeous. You are both very lucky

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