Posted by: Moon | September 23, 2010

A week of hard Yakka !

I’ve been at work ….. on our new place.

From the photos, it doesn’t look like I have done too much, but 4 days of hard work has resulted in me finally clearing the place a little. We can only do outside work as we have agreed the Lady can stay until the 1st Nov. A bit of a pain, but that was the deal, and we have to stick by it. She has lived there for about 50 years, so I can imagine she is a little upset that I have just gone in and uprooted so much in the garden, cut down trees, bushes and taken away her fruit trees and vines. However, we do talk to her about what we are doing and why, and she seems ok ish (if she isn’t, well, I can’t understand that can I).

Also, out of these pictures are the 30 plus concrete fence posts that we have moved from the upper Vine Yard to the place so I can build a new driveway / entrance that doesn’t involve trucks going over my grass ! They are chuffing heavy, but needed for the driveway base !

So… this is what it did look like :

Note all the heavy concrete posts, and the huge bushes at the right end of the house.. all had to come out, all very heavy !

In the picture below, you can just see, to the bottom right a stone bath. Next to this is a deep well. We want to try to keep both of these, and build the well into a nice old fashioned feature.. we will see !

And this is now how it looks :

Here I have cleared about 4-5 trees. One was a spikey bastard that bought nothing to the garden. Also, trimmed the lower branches away so I can mow the grass properly. The main tree here is a wonderful walnut tree, and I sit here looking at our new home drinking a beer.. perfection !

Getting the concrete fence posts out of the ground was a nightmare… really hard work, but we are pleased we can finally see the house, and have removed all the old shite from the front where our morning patio will stand eventually. Bright sparks amongst you will have noticed I have missed a couple of trees. Well, these are peach trees, and we hope they will prosper and give us lovely peaches. It might not look like I have done too much, but digging out roots, cutting down bushes and tress is hard work, and I can tell you, come the 5th November, we will have a proper bonfire !

Somebody though wasn’t really impressed on inclined to help !


  1. Wow. Heavy work. It is going to be fabulous when it’s finished. Keep the photos coming. Your boy, as ever is adorable.

    • A huge amount of hard work, but the vision we have it will be worth every bead of sweat … and thank you, we think he is kinda cute !

  2. Well a man needs to conserve his strength! Looking great the new pad….will need to come and inspect it when finished though…when shall I book my flight? x

    • Whenever you want Auntie, we would love to see you !

  3. This is a beautiful place to live! Great job opening up the space like that…gives the house room to breathe. Looking forward to more tales and photos of the renovation.

    • It will be perfect after a lot of hard work, it’s all about location, location, location, and this is perfect, tiny village, lots of land and a beautiful barn too

  4. Looks beautiful there. You are truly blessed. Imagine one day you will be watching Matej pushing that lawnmower around whist you lie in your chair dozing.

    • I think in about 12 months !.. I already know where I am going to build him a swing !

  5. You want to have a word with that child. Lazy little sod’s not pulling his weight…

    Lookin’ good, Moon! I’ll be sending Mrs M the recipe for peach liqueur… Hic!

    • We have got some apple trees, they will be perfect for making Apple Domanca next year !.. you must come visit…… and yes, lazy fucker !

  6. Well done. Hard work I can imagine, and more to come before the winter snows! Looking forward to more pictures.

    • Thats the idea, need to build the new entrance, and fell a huge Walnut tree next ! Do you have a chainsaw.. if so, get over here !

  7. Great stuff, I’m hoping that the old lady has at least allowed you to install a beer fridge for vital refreshment….

    • She keeps trying to give me Domanca, a fuit vodka we brew over here, lethal stuff.. !

  8. Moon, you’re doing great, love hearing about what you’re doing with such enthusiasm. Everyone else has said it but keep those photos rolling – it’s really great to see them, hope Mrs M is well – the “wee” man looks great xxx

  9. Cortes and a chainsaw – not such a good combination! Nice blanket! The baby is not too bad either, but that blanket………

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