Posted by: Moon | September 21, 2010

The Gallery – A Smile ….

Can anyone guess where we are and what we are doing ?

It’s one of my favourite photos, and the smiles are two of such happiness together..


  1. I can.

  2. I can too. I won’t ruin it though.

  3. Can I be like the previous two commenters and say ‘I can’ when I really really don’t have the foggiest and just bluff it?
    No? OK, I haven’t the foggiest.
    Is English Mum hosing you down before she allows you in her house?

    • To be fair Tara, they have seen the full set of all of the photos, so they are cheating a little ..

  4. Well, I know you’re in Thailand!

    • Yes, Northern Thailand, just outside Chang Mai

  5. elephant sanctuary in Lampang? And it seems you are enjoying elephant shower.

    • Yes, the very one … how did you know ?

  6. erm am I the only one with a dirty mind?

    • looks that way !

  7. I love Thailand, was there when I lived in Sydney, hope to take my hubby and Isabelle soon too 😉

  8. I’m commenting before reading the comments. Are the two of you being sprayed by an elephant’s trunk by any chance?

  9. Yeah!!!

    • I hope you are not fibbing ?

  10. Who MOI? pfft!

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