Posted by: Moon | September 16, 2010

Disposable or Reuseable Nappies ?

We are green people. I have blogged before about my refusal to use plastic bags, and we try to do all we can to do our little bit. We have just bought a Soda Stream to help us save a little money, and to cut down on the crazy about of plastic bottles we seem to produce each week.

Once we knew Matej was on the way, we also made the decision to use reusable nappies for him. Most people, me included, thought that re-usable cloth nappies would be a huge hassle, lots of washing, folding and generally… no chance !.. however, times have changed, and we were alerted to this wonderful brand “Baby Lucy” by our good friends who used them from day 1 with their little one. They are manufactured in Slovakia and The Czech Republic, so locally made and delivered.

As you can see, they are perfectly fitted, made of 100% pure cotton, and seem to fit him very well, and very comfortably. You can see the Nappy itself, and the insert that goes inside. Inside that goes a bio-degradable paper, which flushes down the loo.

Yes, you might all say… “but the washing and the powder used is also high energy and damaging to the environment”. That’s a fair point. I would counter that argument with the fact we have a very efficient, low energy washing machine, with low water cycles that we can use. We do have to spend a little more on the ‘green’ washing liquid and softener, but that’s fine. You have to make some financial sacrifices don’t you.

Is it a time consuming hassle ?.. Well, I suppose compared with just throwing away a nappy as opposed to a pre-wash by hand, and then washing, yes it is. I have just washed last nights load and hung them out. The initial outlay to buy them of course is a larger amount that buying disposables, but you gain that back in the long run. We have bought 30 of these nappies, and we think that should see us through. Now, we do take disposables when we go out to the Dr’s etc. We realize that to carry a poo’d nappy about with us isn’t nice for anyone. So we do have some disposables. On the whole, we are very happy using these nappies and Matej seems to have no problems at all. He fills them quite easily !

I can understand my people use disposables, the logic is there, but I guess we just made out choice, and so far, if anyone is debating the issue, modern re-usable nappies are so far advanced than I thought, I would recommends these every time


  1. Very useful article. I´ve posted info about these nappies to all my pregnant friends 🙂
    But did you know that you can use vinegar instead of softener? Softeners can cause many children allergies and it´s completely artificial. (so mums to treat these allergies or skin problems use vinegar instead)
    You don´t need to worry about smell, there is enough water in washing cycle. (Btw. my loundry still smells by washing powder) and if you still wants “fresh meadow” smell, you can add few drops of natural scented oils.
    I am using it and I recommend.

    • Very interesting, I didn’t know that … I also like the fact they are local, made in Slovakia, not mass produced in the Far East

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