Posted by: Moon | September 7, 2010

The Gallery – School Days

We have been ordered by Tara to have some Back to School photos. Well, Ickle Matej is quite ready for School, but these rouges certainly were.

It’s the 4 of us. Ages range I think from about 4 yrs old through to 10 ish. It’s a family favourite photos… and yes… I am the cute one !



  1. I love this photo.. you were soooo cute. xxxx

    • I still am Woman !

  2. What a cute little boy, it must have been nice to be growing up with so many siblings 😉

    • we were, are still very close….. although our new arrival is the first of the next clan !

  3. Gorgeous shot, and yes you are super cute! Or rather were…. or something *blushes*

    • I still am super cute ….

  4. Great photo – there is something about old school photos which makes me all nostalgic

  5. Oh, but look at DBM! She’s adorable too! x

  6. Thanks EM! I still have grown into that shirt, you know.

  7. You were a cutie!!

    Was just saying the other day to another ex-pat over here how amazed we are they don’t do these sibling school photos. Would love it if they did.

  8. Aw, very nice. Congratulations on the birth of your son too, he looks gorgeous.

  9. Erm, which one are you? 🙂

    Great picture!

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