Posted by: Moon | September 1, 2010

Ok, it’s not all about Matej !

I always said that my Blog, Twitter and Facebook (and general relationships) will not all be centered around our new bundle of joy. He is the most important thing in my life… but not in everyone else’s life. Right now, I am finding that a struggle, but as the days go on, I will start to notice that my friend Cortes is still crap at Golf, Spurs are a terrible rollercoaster of joy and disappointment, the weather can be shit, my family don’t love me..only my wife and the boy etc ……


For now.. it is all about him. Every little thing he does, every sound he makes… His first everything.

We are back home after 5 days in the hospital. This is normal for Slovakia. 5 days, with a private room, Fridge, Microwave, TV, private bathroom. When Mrs M first told me about the 5 day stay, I was slightly aghast. 5 Days ?!?!  why ??… I am so used to English hospitals and stories where they get you packing the next day. Mrs M had a tough birth (like any birth is easy !!)… so, to have nurses around to help, to encourage, to give her at least a couple of nights sleep to help recovery was a god send……

We bought our son home yesterday, and settled him into his room. 9 Months of preparation, talking, planning and excitement… done. We sat… very quietly, looked at each other and say… “that’s that then” .. a real downer. A real anticlimax…….. Very strange feeling. Soon went though once a feed came along, bags to be unpacked, washing done, bath time, sleep etc …… it just felt a real lull just for those two mins.

I am also getting some mean (lovable) stares from Slovak Ma. I was sat catching up on my correspondence (Twitter and FB !).. and Matej was crying slightly. I looked at the monitor, thought, well, he isn’t dying just yet, I’ll leave him be…. Man, I was stared at…. “Go see him, Is he ok ?, where is Miska..?”…..  Chill Winston (learnt that in Slovak now)… he’ll be ok…..

I asked a few people for advice, some people just gave advice….. but I really don’t want to rush to his side just because he has a little cry. Leave him be for a few mins, see if he settles…. and then I’ll go say hello … who knows what damage I am doing to the poor soul.. still, bigger idiots than me have bought children into the world, and I have Mrs M behind me… what could possibly go wrong !!!

We have some ideas on what we want to do, my main, strong opinion is he won’t be sleeping in our bed. We are both very firm about that one.  otherwise we will look to our great friends that have a 9 month old, and her routines have worked pretty well. Based on Gina Ford (love or hate her ?)… we want to establish the routines that we can, but knowing that you can never ever be 100% on these things. If we take a little advice from here and there, and just see how the Boy will be. But, we need some kind of guide to start with, and I am a firm believer that the Boy will not control our lives, we will control the times and routines….

Many of you will laugh, raise eyebrows and scorn at that last point. each to their own, and we will see how our ‘plan’ works out… but for now, I am just a soppy Dad who keeps staring at his Son…

ps. I will also add that EnglishMum has sent me a wonderful pressie for him !!! (and chocolate for me !!)


  1. I know the soft heart you have, you can’t deny it. This is not going to be easy. But with Miska and you on the “same page” with raising your little one – it will be wonderful, albeit a bit scary at times. She is far tougher than you are. But just like melted chocolate inside too. 🙂 So relax and enjoy – one day at a time. Love, Karen (also Lukann, Jojo an Wanalee send their love also)

  2. Routines are good, very good but bound to be broken now and then. You’re off to a good start he’s beautiful.

  3. I wish you all the best of luck with the routines and the rules. You are a lucky man! Can’t wish you any luck with Spurs. And as for the golf, well, people in glass houses ………

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