Posted by: Moon | August 28, 2010

Our Son

I’m speechless, I’m exhausted, I’m emotional and I’m so proud.

So here we are, Our Son, Matej (Matthew) has arrived…. and it was incredible.

Most of my readers I believe are Mum’s or Dad’s, so you will understand the rollercoaster of a ride Friday 227th was, concluding at 2.30pm with Matej Samuel coming into the world. 8lb 3, 51 cms, 10 fingers, 10 toes !

This is going to sound strange, but from a Man’s point of view, the whole thing is surreal. The morning started early, Mrs M waking me to say she wasn’t feeling right, and was worried, so we packed our bags and headed from the hospital. Light hearted, very calm, and me being my normal self… cracking jokes and not stressing at all. As the contractions got progressively harder and more painful, I felt myself moving further and further out of the picture.

It’s understandable, for once, it’s not all about me. What can a man do in this situation ? … basically nothing. You try to keep calm, be soothing, loving but essentially, you are a nobody in the circus. As time moved on I rubbed her back, held her hand, whispered things to her and was at her beck and call. The contractions were now at a point where Mrs M would start to sweat, curse and double up in pain. The Doctors were brilliant, the Staff fantastic. I kept moving out of the way, trying to work out what they were saying, getting a little nervous in case things were going wrong. Mrs M was getting more and more pain, and it was breaking my heart. She couldn’t talk to me, just closed her eyes and got through it.

To see the person you love go through so much pain, tears, exhaustion rips at your soul. There is nothing you can do. Hold her hand, tell her you are proud, and tell her she is amazing. Things then go even more crazy, pushing, screaming, pain… my god the pain she went through ….. my heart was breaking….. She pushed, cried, screamed. The Dr’s everywhere… I moved further and further back to give them all space. This wasn’t my wife lying there, I was watching a film… I kinda even felt I was floating….. looking it. I held her hair, gave her oxygen, and prayed to anyone listening to get it over with …

Then he was there… his cries mended my heart, but tore my emotions into little pieces. I wept, just cried my eyes out. Here was my Son, Our Son…. My family. Mrs M just slumped there, sweating, exhausted as the Dr’s worked on her. then, he lay on her, Little Matej just lying on his  mothers tummy…. so tired, exhausted himself… quietly just resting with his Mother. I sat, help her hand, wiped her brow, and we cried together…

so, I have a Son, a little boy who will keep my family name going. My Brothers (Timbers, Sir Chilli Boy and Mr DBM) and my sisters (R, DBM and Morag) have a Nephew, and the wonderful News is that my Mum is now a Grandma. I hope she shouts it from every roof top… I hope she drinks some wine and claims she is the most special Grandma in the world, because she is.


  1. Absolutely brilliant…I’m a very proud Great Auntie…

    • You have always been a great Auntie !

  2. congratulations. He looks beautiful. Oh, and enjoy the sleeping while it lasts 😉 x

  3. Perfectly captured the emotion of that moment. He is beautiful. Huge congratulations to you and Mrs M, I’m wiping away tears of nostalgic emotion as I write. Good luck with your adventure xx

  4. Beautiful my friend. I could not be happier for all of you!

  5. Simon, just lovely. The beauty of labour pain is that unlike any other pain in the world you are rewarded at the end and within minutes it’s forgotten. You’re very fortunate to have a beautiful healthy boy and within days, Miska will be just fine. Amazing isn’t it how resilient our bodies are and how wonderful these little normal things become. He’s beautiful and you have every reason to be proud and to Miska, well done mum. My children were and are, the most wonderful things I ever made.

  6. Huge congratulations to your new little family. As Paula mentioned, you captured the emotion, and my eyes were tearful as I read your account. Beautiful soon-to-be-bouncing little Matej.

  7. Ohhhhhhh so beautiful. Beautifully captured, and this all makes me feel so nostalgic. Congratulations on your beautiful family xxxx

  8. Congratulations, what beautiful pictures

  9. Wow thanx for sharing that moment and the wonderful piccies. He is adorable and sounds like he’s got very loving parents. Lucky boy!

  10. beautiful!

  11. I won’t reply to all, but my feelings are the same for everyone of you … Thank you so much !.. you wonderful words overwhelm me.

    Mrs M is doing ok, and they will be home on Tuesday I hope x

  12. Many, many congratulations!

  13. Huge congratulations!! he is such a handsome chap!

  14. I go away for a weekend and bam! hehehe! Congratulations!

  15. He’s beautiful Mr Moon (& I’m fairly objective when it comes to babies, I see so many). I really love that photo of your wife and Matej at the bottom. Just gorgeous. Xx

    • You are very kind.. we can’t tell if he is beautiful or people are being polite…. or we are just too biased to tell ! x

  16. Typical – I move house, have no internet, and you go and have a baby! I know i’ve said it all, but well done Mrs M and congrats Dad! xx

    • We had it planned first !

  17. Oh, Moon. What a beautiful post. I’m typing this through swimmy eyes and just BURSTING with delight for you both!

    I’ve both had a baby and partnered my sister during my niece’s birth and – hands down – it’s far harder to assist. For all the reasons you state, the helplessness, the suffering of someone dear to you and the crushing tidalwave of emotion. It’s far easier to be in the ‘hot seat’ because you’ve in the zone and oblivious to everything but the job in hand! 🙂

    Welcome to the world little Matej! You will be surrounded with love for the rest of your days and a large family adore you!

    Yay!! 😀

    • Thank you, so sweet … you must be one of very few that has seen both sides xx

      His has more love than he can cope with !

  18. i bet he smells as good as he looks. when we had our DD hubby sniffed her so much, he remarked ‘is sniffing babies legal? it’s so good!’

    lovely post – gorgeous pics

    • thats so true…. I always have a sniff of his hair !!!.. he smells wonderful !!!!

      Thank you x

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