Posted by: Moon | August 24, 2010

The Gallery – 3 I am proud of !

This weeks theme from Tara is a photo you are proud of … Well, I couldn’t just chose 1 !!!

So, here are a couple.

Taken on the Doggie Beach in Newport, CA. We walked this beach pretty much every day, for some peace, amazing sunsets, and for my daily dose of seeing the dogs play !

One of my all time favorites, these two scoundrels were in Canada, we watched them for hours and I was lucky enough to get a couple of shots !

and this was just in the front garden !

and, finally, I am very proud of this one.. I took this with a very small PHD (push here dummy) camera waaaaay before I got hooked on photography and spent a small fortune on gear !


  1. These are amazing photo’s – not surprised you are proud!

    • Thank you, I am quite new to photography, but me and Mrs M love taking them.. just great fun, and good memories for all the photos…

  2. Ah and proud you should be, they’re all awesome. Mind you the subject matter certainly helps. I think the Raccoons take the cake.

  3. They were sooo cool, a whole family of them …. but, because of the situation, the Elephants are my favourites… just because it was fortunate, nothing I had planned etc ..

  4. I love that dog one. I bet the people at ‘Smartwater’ love it too πŸ™‚

    Laughed at ‘PHD’ camera – that’s what I need πŸ™‚ x

    • Interesting, I did contact them to see if they might be interested… they said no 😦

  5. Wow! What a great collection of photos! I think the top one is my favourite but they are all taken so brilliantly! Can see why you are proud of them πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, really just taking alot of them, and then picking the decent ones… really not too much skill involved !

  6. Love, love, love the raccoons! They just ooze character.

    Well done, some gorgeous pictures there πŸ™‚ xx

    • They were great fun, we watched them for ages, from our B&B on Vancouver Island

  7. Omg love these!! The one of the dogs on the beach is a fantastic capture, I’d definitely be proud of that.
    As for the PHD pic (lol, by the way), for someone who says they’ve not been doing it long, that is STUNNING. Well done πŸ˜€

    • We got some great shots from the Doggie Beach .. just a great place, and I love dogs !.. as for the Elephants, got lucky to be honest, would love to go back with the cameras we have now !

  8. I love finding new blogs via The Gallery! Love all the pics, but I may have gasped a little at the elephant one. Just goes to show that you don’t always need the fancy gear to get a great shot. Good luck with the imminent arrival too.

    • Hi Cara.. thank you, I just got lucky with the Elephants. I had three days in Kenya, and this was probably the only decent photo !!! Welcome, and I hope you will come back… there will be photos of the little one I guess !

  9. Amazing pictures! Love the dogs.

    • Thank you, it really reminds of that wonderful Doggie Beach in Newport Beach we loved to walk on, so many dogs, having so much fun !

  10. The dogs and the elephants are great – I hope you’ve got these displayed at home!

    • We do have the Elephant on on the wall, with two others… Once we move into our new house, we intend to frame many more for the empty walls

  11. wow beautiful photos. the dogs running out of the sea is fab πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, we had some many lovely walk along this particular Doggie Beach… even though we didn’t have a hound

  12. All photos are really lovely! Love the one of the dogs and racoon most:-)

    • Thank you … we loved the Racoons.. darlings really !.. can be a bit nasty though !

  13. That dog shot is a seller – it’s brilliant, so sharp.

    • I tried to see if the bottled water company wanted to buy it .. they said no !

  14. What beautiful pictures, I love the elephant one – I’m a sucker for a sunset and that is just gorgeous.

  15. Love the dogs and the raccoons – you have a great eye and great timing!

    • Good subjects I agree… timing is all about luck,!

  16. Yep, my fav’s are the first & last pics – very professional! πŸ™‚

    • professional .. yeah right !!.. good subjects !

  17. Woooeeee that top one is absolutely cracking, amazing shot! They are all super, but the first one stopped me in my tracks. Bravo!

    • Too kind Spudalloo !!!!

  18. Wow, they are beautiful pictures. Love the dog one

    • Thank you, very much appreciated

  19. Wow I just love the dogs!

    • As I said to most of the others…. just took lots and got lucky with this one

  20. WOW! Erm… now I feel like a total amatuer! Maybe because I am! *grin* Fantastic shots!

    • So am I trust me …… I just take lots and lots… and get lucky !

  21. wow, fab shots, I love the dogs and I’m still at PHD shots so really hope to come up with ones like yours

    • As I said, they last one was with that kinda camera… but it kinda got m,e started on the road to taking it a little bit more seriously .. (well, buying more serious gear I guess!)

  22. Wow, these shots are absolutely stunning – all of them!

    The last one, especially, is just beautiful πŸ™‚

  23. These are brilliant, all of them! The daisies are beautiful and the last shot is stunning! Love them πŸ™‚

  24. I love the dogs running. That is an amazing picture.

  25. Fabulous! Particularly love the raccoons πŸ™‚

  26. Yep the raccoons are a winner for me too.

    They all are beautiful, an my favorite is the 1st one !
    there’s everything in that picture, it is alive !!!

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