Posted by: Moon | August 22, 2010

People are wonderful !

He isn’t due until the 27th, but we feel that life is on hold until the ‘magic’ day. I say on hold, but it is great, we are loving this time, doing little things to get ready, and enjoying some time together. We just pop here and there to get small things, even had a half hour drive to Hungary last week… that’s pretty cool !

I wanted to show you all how wonderful my  family have been, expecting their first Nephew and Grandson … they have all amazed me in their kindness, Mum has made sure we have the pushchair we really wanted, they are not cheap, and she has amazed us with buying us the one we really wanted.

Take a look at the things they have sent across the oceans to us !

So, what have we here ?… firstly, the ickle cricket bat from Uncle Sir Chili Boy… not only my sport, but signed by Sachin Tendulkar… The Little Master.. one of the true greats of Cricket.

Harry is also here, a wonderful little friend for him to have with him at all time (we wanted to let him have Luchann, but Miska won’t give her up !)… Thanks Auntie R.. he will suck on those ears forever !!

The Cardy is one of three my wonderful Auntie sent us. All three hand knitted and just perfect !

The poor soul has no choice but to be a Spurs fan does he?  Uncle Timbers and I have followed them all our lives …. He will hate us for it, all that disappointment in life, say “why couldn’t you have supported Utd Uncle !!”.. so a huge thanks to Auntie Morag for selecting these wonderful, if cruel gifts !!!!

Auntie Morag and Uncle Timbers also sent us the oh so important baby monitor, we have been testing it, and apparently it’s not for ordering tea and asking for sex over … How was I supposed to know that ????

The Swaddling is from our Favourite Vet Domi, along with a cool play mat that is too small for me !!… there is the baby monitor (Not a Toy !) and a book from Auntie DBM. The book is special because I remember it so well from our childhood, and I have learnt to read it in Slovak !!!

You may have noticed the blanket in the background… it has been hand knitted with the help of Willow and Tess by the ever creative  Auntie DBM . It’s fabulous, and I can see it being a family hair-loom ..

Missing from here are further gifts from Ma and Auntie R. That is because they are giving us the gift of coming to see us (not us, but ‘Kobe”).. I know they have spent every penny they have on gifts, and knitted their fingers to the bone for the little one.. photos will appear of all those later when they visit.

The bedding also comes from Auntie R, and the cot from Miska’s Uncle and Auntie. It bedded their children, and now, after some sanding and painting from me, ready for the next member of the family.

The painting on the wall comes from me. I bought it 10 years ago in NYC, and I love it…..

We have had Murphy and Beluga for a while now, and they are very happy waiting for the little one !

So there you go… I have a feeling he might be a little spoilt when he does arrive !


  1. Love the bat… from one little master to another, eh?

    (Not sure about the Spurs affiliation…)

    • No too sure he will get his hands on it, that will be mine to keep, after all, The Little Master is a genius ! As for Spurs.. what can you do ??.. been handed down to me from the family, you don’t get much choice in it !

  2. But… couldn’t you have waited until my presents arrived too?

    *walks off in huff*

    • EM – maybe you will get a post all on it’s own showing off your gifts

      • she would have… but stroppy girls don’t get their own way …

    • Come back here !!… you got a whole blog devoted to you a couple of weeks back !!!! stroppy bum !

  3. Actually, don’t ohow my presents for you – they’re really boring! YOu can show my pressie for the little dude though if you like, it’s funky. (oops – said too much again) x

  4. show, I mean.

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