Posted by: Moon | August 18, 2010

Scared …. Not a Jot !

So, here we are, at 39 weeks and all about ready to go.

Am I scared… not really, and that concerns me.. I should be, but I’m not !

Why am I not more scared.. Why am I not having sleepless night about all of this. After all, everyone has said this is the most amazing, but hard thing you will ever do. How tired we will feel, how frustrating this can all be. The responsibility of brining a little boy into the world, and yet I lose not a bit of sleep over it.

I guess I am not a worrier over these things, I just apply a simple logic to it all. When I met Mrs M and after a few moths she had to move to America, I resigned my job of 8 years in The City and moved. Not a second thought really. When I lost my job in the USA, stuck in Canada.. we just made some sensible decisions and got on with it. When we decided to move to Slovakia, not much of a chance of me working, and no Slovak to even think of… did I panic… not once…. I just seem to want to embrace all these as wonderful positives. For me, working a steady, good job, working towards a Friday is just not me anymore. I need that buzz of excitement, of the unknown to keep me alive.

Maybe that is what this is, the biggest leap into the unknown. Millions of people do this every year, and people far worse than me cope, so I know that we will. 2 intelligent (well, Mrs M and me) will cope. Yes, I am sure there will be times of hardship I have never faced before, but I also know that we will ride those and savour the ultimate high of having children.

Anyway, After my practice will Luchann …. how could anything possibly go wrong ?

So, after another 2 Dr’s appointments over with yesterday, we are all ready to go. Miska is beginning to finally feel her pregannacy, and is feeling tired quite a bit, and a little bit unsettled. so, at 39 weeks, he really could be here any day. Bags are packed, cameras are ready, monitors, pushchairs, clothes are all ready (thanks to my amazing family… more of the presents they have all sent later)….

so… anytime you want to show your face little man ….. bring it on !


  1. You do know he’s not going to look anything like a baby elephant though, right Moon?
    Good luck to you both x

    • Well, I have seen the scans … he does resemble an elephant in one way !!!!

      also, did it matter that I dropped Luchann a couple of times ???

      • You mean he looks like Luchann when you view the picture upside-down? 😉 BTW, Mrs. M looks glowingly beautiful, if that’s correct English.

    • Like his Father then ??? (rushes of to check the dates and make sure I am the Father)

  2. Lukann, gosh – she is a bit bigger, that is the elephant that Mishka had when I was there. Ah so cute and ever so gentle! Wanalee and I paired with her and her rider from Japan last May. So, you treat your little Lukann with soft cuddling cause she deserves it 🙂 It is a bit of a stretch though in comparison to a little baby boy. But after having experienced both babies and elephants in my life, they are both very special and ever so loving. You are in for the ride of your life sir! May you be blessed with many more.

    Karen 🙂

    • yes, she is named after her… it was a little strange as neither of us are ‘you’ people, but I won her in a raffle, and she is our special one.. she won’t be going in any cot I can tell you, we have Harry the Rabbit for that !… Thanks for the Wishes xxxx

  3. Man they didn’t make maternity bras that pretty when I was 39 weeks! Bring it on indeed. Good luck but trust me it’s not the hardest thing YOU’LL ever do, you just have to hold a camera and ignore the abuse.

    • I get abused all the time anyway Baino…. !!!

  4. Miska looks stunning! And yes, I like the bra too (sorry, girly stuff) xx

  5. Just scrolling through your back posts – your wife does indeed look gorgeous. Hope she continues to look as lovely after weeks of sleep deprivation! Ensure you help her out there!!

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