Posted by: Moon | August 9, 2010

8 1/2 months … and counting …

So, here I am up early.. and expectant Father … what has all the fuss been about huh ??

Well, over the next 10 days, we are expecting our Son to arrive. He might be along a little later, but we think he will come earlier than planned, just a hunch, but that’s how we feel. It has been a very simple pregnancy, at least from my point of view !

We didn’t say too much about things in the pregnancy as we felt this was very personal to us, and not really of interest to others. My sisters (in Law) and Brother plus Mum have been in constant contact, and we speak every week, telling them our issues, and them re-assuring us all is normal and OK. For a first time Mother, Miska has had lots of questions, and we have been so lucky to have  great friends, who, only 6 months ago went through all this before us… a trial run so to speak ..They have been wonderful. Giving birth here in Slovakia will be a little different from in England (so I have been told) … in fact, everything is just a little different here …..

After we found out that indeed my ‘boys’ were swimmers, always a worry from the man side of this, (we always hear how girls are worried things are ok.. well, trust me, reaching 39 and having no scares along the way, you begin to wonder if the Moon genes are every going to carry on !)…We have gone through all the test imaginable. We had a huge scare early on when of the 4 tests done here for Down Syndrome, we got 2 results back that we very scary. Subsequently, the remaining test have calmed us, however the prospect of having ‘Kobe’ DS is real. The first question we came across is  “If he is DS.. do you want to terminate? “… Now that’s a huge issue … but strangely, one Miska and I didn’t even discuss. I think it took maybe 5 secs… never would we ever want that.. we would cope regardless, and just makes for a different life. This may well still be the case…. but we will adjust and cope either way.

We then had the scans, and I don’t care who you are, how rock hard your heart my be…. you will cry when you first hear your baby’s heart beat… one of those magical moments in life ! Miska has had some problems through the term, but sickness was not one of them. I believe she felt a little ‘queasy’ one night, otherwise, in that respect, plain sailing ! She has also worked right up  til a week ago. No that unusual in the UK, but here is was seen as quite bizarre. A lot of girls leave work very soon, and don’t return until 3 years later !.. unheard of in the UK, and just bizarre to my USA friends. Her HR department have been in all kinds of muddles, quoting “You can’t do that, you must leave work,  we have never had this before….”… Miska reply came along the lines of “I don’t HAVE to do anything, I say when, and it’s not time yet. You may not know what to do, but best you find out because I am not like other girls… I am working until I want to go” … Go Girl !!!!

The time was about right for her to leave, mainly as she was getting tired. She has a management desk role in Slovakia, and with the temperatures in the mid 30’s, she was far better off at work, Air Con on, and not stressing about things … but, one of the main reasons I can see that girls need to be at home is that as the pregnancy moves forwards, you never get a decent night sleep. The baby, with his size and movement keep waking you, so of course you are shattered during a hot,  summers day… Miska I think has been remarkable. Not once has she complained, not once has she refused something because of this. She has been doing too much in my opinion, but she is not daft. She knows when she has to rest… as she regularly said to anyone who fussed “I am pregnant, NOT SICK !”

When he moves about in the Womb, I hear little giggles and “owwww Kobe, Pack it in”… it’s wonderful. Trust me, as a Father to be, who really is quite remote from most of this, when you feel your child turning, moving or hiccups… Wow… just wow.

So we are nearly there. I have done all the decorating, painting of the cot. Our family and friends have been INCREDIBLE with their gifts and support, and very soon … you will be  Great Grandmothers, Great Aunts and Uncles and to the people the very special people who never thought they would see a little Wheeler, very soon you will be Aunts, Uncles and a Grandmother … love you all


  1. Aww very excited for you and I’m sure all will be well. Many women are having children in their 30’s these days, it’s the norm, rather than the exception. Miska sounds very sensible and she’s quite right, pregnancy is not a disease, it’s a wonderful time to share and one you and she will never forget.

  2. Thank you Baino. Well you are right, I am not considering pregnancy as sickness or disease, but problem is that society does. We have this problem in Slovakia. Many women get sign off form work very early, ‘just in case’, and then they spend 3 years looking after baby. So effectively they are home 3.5 years. In my eyes is just crazy, and I am not wondering why they get into marriage problems, and problems to go back to work and be part of normal world. I wanted to enjoy my pregnancy, and I really do.

    And my wonderful Slovak and English family was just great support. Saying that without Moon it would not be impossible, he made these last 9 months really enjoyable and wonderful.

  3. awww… stop it you guys …. on seconds thoughts … carry on a bit …

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