Posted by: Moon | August 7, 2010

Once more unto the breach, dear friends

Been a while huh, and I am sure no-one even noticed I was gone !…. It’s been an incredible busy time for the Moon household, and I just didn’t have the time to blog consistently… but, for some reason, my body clock has gone back 3 years to the days of getting into the office at 6am… and I am awake and bushy-tailed at daft O’clock ….. Wonder why ? We have been feeling a little like this ….

So.. why so busy you all ask….. well, three things have occupied our minds over the last few months, and they all seem to be getting resolved. Firstly, with the ever helpful (meaning I couldn’t have done it without her) Sister Rachel… I have sold and completed on my flat in England. A huge relief. As always, you never quite get the price you ask for, but after paying off my debts to the bank, sister, Ma and others we have a small amount we can transfer into our spending account. It’s not so much the money, but the relief that we no longer have to find a obscene mortgage payment every month. The buyer was a decent sort as well, and once we got things moving, it was reasonably smooth, just long-winded and time consuming !

Talking of long-winded and time consuming… comes the second thing that has not only occupied us since May 1st, but has caused us far more stress. We have bought and old cottage here in a small village. The lady is 80 odd, so no chain above her, and we have no chain ourselves… sounds very simple… In Slovakia, it seems not. We have been running from official office to official office, bank to bank, village councils and up our own arse just to get this all complete. We are 99% there now.. and it should all be complete this week. The the real work starts. I have to demolish most of the place first (quite looking forward to that) and then turn to experts to help me re-build and get the place ready for us to move in sometime in the Spring of next year (we will see how that goes)…. We are very excited. It’s our first home we have bought together, and we plan on building it into our family home. This will take a long time, but something we are ready for, and really look forward to doing. You don’t often get the chance to build your family home .,…… watch this space !

Finally, and the most important part is the imminent arrival of our Son. Mrs M is now 8.5 months pregnant. She finally finished work last week, and she has handled everything amazingly well. She is getting a little tired these days (as all you mothers will know).. and a decent night sleep is becoming harder and harder due to the little ones movements. The Dr is very happy with the way things are going, and with Miska (aka Monica) ability to organise life… we are ready.

With incredible generous family (thank you all sooooo much) generous friends, we have everything in place….. watch this space as my first-born comes into the world ….. So that’s where we are right now… lots of stress has now gone, and we are in a happy place right now ….. good times……


  1. Glad to see my badgering wasn’t in vain! Ah Mrs M looks blooming and everything is finally falling into place. Good times! xx

    • She’s Blooming marvelous.. this was taken a few weeks back…. I will take some more of her… once I get the wide angle lens out ….

  2. Welcome back my friend. I am looking forward to the exciting times to come!

    • Thanks Cortes …. looking forward to some very good times ahead in the very near future…

  3. Lovley post Moon! Keep them coming x

    • Thanks TM… I think there will be a few coming… so much to do right now !

  4. you have to come back now and then. i’m here all day on my own with twins…. i need something to read and keep me sane!!!
    mrs m looks lovely. xx

    • I am not too sure that with the arrival of my little one sanity will follow… from what I have heard, sleep deprived nightmares are next !

  5. happy to see you back and look forward to seeing the new member of the family in a little while

    • We can’t wait as well, but for now, we are enjoying the lull before the storm !

  6. Ha! I knew you’d come back! Glad I stayed on.

    • Glad you came back !!!!… it was just a manic busy time, and I had no time for blogging…. but things have settled slightly now … for now ….

  7. Nice to see you back and blogging, Mr Moon! So glad things are looking good with Miska and your son!

    The house … well, these things always take longer than you think, even here in England! I hope that goes well, too!

    Funny, I was just thinking about you today and wondering how your Slovakian is coming along!

    • The Slovak is going very slowly, but getting better, I certainly don’t need Miska with me all the time, but when people talk to fast… have no idea what is going on. We have stopped school for now, as money is tight, and I need to be around Miska for the happy ‘show’ that is going to happen …

  8. Ah nearly died, I thought the baby had come when I saw you in my reader! Lovely photos of course and very exciting having all this happening.

    • Very exciting Baino…. but tiring… esp for Miska !…

  9. Lovely photos! Good luck, hope Baby Moon arrives safe and sound.

    • Thank you … we hope so… kicking and screaming !…

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