Posted by: Moon | June 4, 2010

Crazy People, with Crazy Ideas

When we arrived back from the USA, we decided to move to Slovakia for a few reasons. One of the main reasons was because we could buy land, and build a new house. To do that in Hertforshire, UK, would cost us a fortune, and we knew the only chance we would get to do this would be here in Slovakia. We bought a nice plot of land, about 0.2 Acres, in a quiet village, with huge potential. We were happy with this, and knew that with the baby coming, work on the place would not start until the summer of 2011, with a finish date a year later. Cool ….

But, like our friends, Lubi and Patrik, we don’t seem to choose the easy life. After all, after falling pregnant, the logical thing would have been to find a nice, two bedroom’d place, and get ourselves ready for the little one ……  No chance !!!

We have made a huge decision. We were walking through our cousin’s village, (Domi , the vet).. and they said an old house might be for sale as the owner was getting close to 85, and she really couldn’t manage the place. So we politely inquired, she asked us round. After a series of visits, coffees, and re-assurances that although we wanted to buy, we certainly didn’t want her to move out until after the summer… we have agreed to buy this place…

It’s an old cottage in the quietest village imaginable. Maybe there are 20 houses there, no though road at all, and perfect place for us to build a family home. With this, of course, comes a huge amount of work. My DIY skills are not that clever, but, I do enjoy the working side of it. We have plans, huge plans…… it will have to be done in stages, and I am sure it won’t go to plan, but we hope to do it a little something like this

1 – Clear the place out, to the bones. Including clearing the land. The land is about 2 Acres…. (I get to have a bonfire!)

2 – Prepare plans for the whole building.

3 – Install a ‘Green’  recycling waste water septic tank system

4 – Prepare the roof for solar panels

5 – Re-develop stage 1 of the house to give us 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and living room, bathroom

6 – Landscape the land, driveway.

7 – Build a new extension, to include a master bedroom, further bathrooms and bedrooms, study

It’s a huge prospect, but also a huge potential to have a house we could only of dreamed of in England or the USA. We are very excited by the prospect, and nervous as well. We hopefully can get to work on the clearing when we return from England, and from there… well… we will see how it goes…..

and …. I get to buy some Boy’s Toys… New tractor, chainsaw, drills, mower, strimmer, shredder etc ….

All part of the MLK “I have a dream” ..



  1. That looks just amazing. As you know, here down on the peninsula we only have a patio and so I’m envious of all that space and lovely green grass.

    It’s going to be a fun project!

    • yes…. I am not too sure you would need a sit on mower for the peninsula … not too sure it will feel like ‘fun’ all the time though ..

  2. Oh, that does sound exciting! I wish you the best of luck with it – it’ll be hard work and take a long time, but sounds as if it will be well worth it!

    • We are excited at the moment, but I know there will be times where we just shake our heads and wonder why… but too good an opportunity to miss …

  3. Great to see it, at last! It looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see the renovations in progress x

    • there will be blogs ahoy as we start tackling things … and with the old barn.. we have plans for a guest house… will you come and visit ?

  4. What a fabulous experience. It brings back all the feelings and trepidations I had when starting the cabin on Cortes Island. An adventure for certain, and one I am sure you can handle. Good luck my friend!

    • see, many people have taken this kind of thing on, successfully, so I know we can. The banks have been favourable, and with the sale of a few things, we have money to get started (buy the sit on mower I mean) … and of course, in my designs, I already have the 17th at Sawgrass penciled in !

  5. Oh Simon it looks awesome. Just make sure you winter proof it while the weather’s fine!

    • Well, we have just had the worst rain storms for 100’s of years here, flooding all over Slovakia.. and we have been checking the place, and all seems dry.. even the wine cellar…. or the Mother-in-law’s room as we call it

  6. So excited for you- this looks incredible. Although as someone who is currently living in a house ‘with potential’ I can confirm that it will be a long hard ride at times. Good luck with everything coming your way this year x

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