Posted by: Moon | June 1, 2010

The Gallery – Canada and Slovakia….

Again, joining in the Wonderful Gallery from Sticky Fingers.. I chose a couple of shots I love ..

They come from Stewart, British Columbia. We were up there on our honeymoon, the reason for the trip was to finally see the Grizzly Bears feeding on the Salmon. We didn’t expect such wonderful scenery, and these come from the huge inlet, empty at low tide, and a huge lake at high tide….

so here you are :

And I do love flowers …

These were taken at Whistler Mountain. It was very strange to be at the home of the 2010 Winter Olympics to see the temperatures reach 30 Deg C ….. The second picture was taken in the stunning High Tetras, the mountain range that dominates central, northern Slovakia. Most people don’t even know that these mountains exist, giving stunning scenery, skiing and treking. If you ever want to come visit, just let me know, it’s great part of the world.



  1. Beautiful pictures. Wow

    • Thank you.. I think I got lucky with the subjects..

  2. Absolutely stunning….a place I really want to visit one day. Your photos have just reminded me.

    • I have only seen a small part, my sister lives in Vancouver, so I have managed to see some of BC.. It’s amazing, but very big !!!.. if you want any help, just let me know …

  3. I love the last photo, it took my breath away!

    • thats one of my favorites, just taken of a plant from above …..

  4. Canada is my favourite country, it is beautiful. Great photos:) Jen.

    • it’s certainly one of mine, just stunning, empty and full of life

  5. OMG these are stunning

    • Thank you, as i said, I think I got lucky with the subject matter

  6. Wow. Amazing shots – you are very talented.

    • Not really, you have to find the right subjects… and have a decent camera, and lots of time, I really think anyone can take good photos..

  7. These are incredible photos; thanks for sharing such beauty.

    CJ xx

  8. wow, stunning photos. I love the second one.

    • I do to.. it was taken at about 6am on the way to see the bears, the mist, the light, and the tide were just perfect

  9. Wow! They are breathtaking!

    • Thank you x

  10. I especially like the house on the water…I hope you frame that!

    • We will… once we get our new house sorted, we intend to only use our own pictures to put about the place… we all our travel memories …

  11. I love the photos with the reflection in the water – they’re so inspiring – I need to take more photos!

    • Well, we took most of our on your doorstep…. esp at Joshua.. I am hoping The Gallery does a beach or desert theme soon ….

  12. Gorgeous photos, all of them! What a perfect blog to stumble upon on a Saturday afternoon!

    • Welcome, hope you’ll come back, what a nice thing to say

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