Posted by: Moon | May 31, 2010

Some of my favorites

Everyone loves a shaggy dog !



  1. What a wonderful memories we have……….

  2. Just read some past posts, you might check out this blog the guy lives in Ocean Grove on the Ocean Road.He hikes and travels all over with his wife.Great pics as usual…

    • Cool… just checked him out .. excellent blog.. thank you x

  3. You have such a talent for photography! Love all the images – so much happiness in each one. 🙂

    • Thats why I love Dogs … when they are happy, you can just tell

  4. Came over to look at your gallery photos, but these are even better! Awesome to have caught that much energy and movement.

  5. I love the dogs, we used spend hours on the doggie beaches, with no dog.. and they give such good pictures …

  6. Wow….. I LOVE your pics on the water. Stunning.

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