Posted by: Moon | May 28, 2010

Sometimes the most innocent is the funniest

I think I have mentioned in some of my previous posts that my wife makes me laugh .. proper belly aching, beer down the nose, full on laugh . That’s pretty important in our relationship, after all, I don’t seem to be able to hold a sensible conversation !

I asked her last week what was ‘the’ funniest thing I have ever said, and she couldn’t think of just one thing, just a general.. “yeah, you make me laugh sometimes” as she rolled her eyes and gazed out of the car window. I can honestly say I do know the funniest thing she ever said, the best thing about it (like most one liners) .. she didn’t mean it at all.

So …. picture the scene..

We are away at Hidden Cove, a stunning B&B on Vancouver Island. On our honeymoon, just settling in for our dinner as the light faded. So very romantic. Outside the window, across the bay, Orca’s cut through the still ocean, Birds twittered, and Eagles soared … it was bliss

We open a bottle of red, and our main meal arrives. I have ordered the crab, Miska has ordered fish. It was lovely.

Now, you all know of our love of animals, and right outside our window there are these fellas. They were so wonderful, and you would have thought they were employed by the B&B, just to entertain us …

So, we start to eat, the beer is going down well, and things are perfect. The little guys are mucking about, playing and entertaining us, not 3 feet away.

One of the little ones comes forwards, and starts to scratch on the screen door, and generally tries to muscle his way inside…

(Here comes the moment that starts beer and crab coming out of my nose, and general side aches from laughing)

“Ooooh” says Miska ” I think he can smell my Snapper”


  1. Hahaha! Are you SURE she didn’t mean it like that?!

  2. …and what’s funny in that? Perfectly simple observation…

  3. Yep that would make me snot chardy! Love your racoons!

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