Posted by: Moon | May 25, 2010

The Gallery – Friendship….. English Mum

This weeks theme from Sticky Fingers is friendship …… so I give you one of my oldest, closest friends…

Most of the bloggers out there know English Mum as an icon in the blogosphere. A little bit daft, funny, smart, mother, family girl  and an all round good, decent Egg. I have nothing to add to that… you all know here very well. but …

I know her a little differently, in fact, I would say I know her better than most, and I have certainly known her longer than most. You see.. in the great words of Sister Sledge “We are Family” (we had a very drunken night singing that song all the way back from Kent.. which resulted in me being sick, Pernod n Black, all over a white car.. with my friends Dad, sitting in the car.. sorry Donna x)

We grew up together, shared many Christmases together, summers together, winters sledging together. As we grew, we were very lucky to remain close. We even ended up living for about 2-3 months together… Thats was a little strange, esp as I fell in love with her best mate, (the feeling was never return btw), and she was experiencing the traumas of coming out of a marriage .. but we were close, and we had a lot of laughs. We shared some ‘interesting’ nights on Karaoke, always shared the love of our family, wonderful Grandparents, parents and of course siblings .. Wow.. we are very lucky !

Even with me moving away to the USA, and her adventure into Ireland, we remained close, and bizarrely, her blog bought even closer. We talk a fair amount, not about much, and I am great friends with her Hubby. We were always good friends from our days of playing football together, and generally getting lashed a lot !

Her Children are just fantastic. They don’t see me very often, but they are always ready with a hug, and they seemed to think I am little daft, and that’s cool by me. She always says she is not a great mother… and I do think she says ‘Fuck’ too much, but, to have two boys like she has.. well, she must be doing something right !

So, why have a decided to list EM as my friendship person ?.. Well, I am very lucky, I have a lot of friends, and I think I could easily written this post for about 10 of my great friends that I know will be there for me. I chose EM because she doesn’t often ‘big herself up’ (I think that’s what the kids say don’t they ?) and she should !

She has been there for me through a lot of things. She was there for me when my Dad died (bearing in mind she was coping with losing an Uncle). She was there as I went through a divorce. She was at my church as I married the wonderful Mrs M. She is similar to me. We are both emotional souls, and we are both devoted to our families. We laugh at the same stupid jokes, we can both insult each other that makes people gasp.. and we just laugh at the insult. She is genuine, and won’t just tell you what you want to hear.

Last year, on my way back from the USA to Slovakia, I was lucky enough to be able to call in on English Towers, and be part of their wedding celebrations. The thing I loved about this day was how she was honest about her ‘church’ and ‘religious’ views, discussed this openly, and made the whole day about fun, love and her love of her boys, hubby and friends. It was a great day, and her smile on those days was pure and filled with happiness as it should be.

What else can I tell you about EM that you bloggers don’t already know ….. Well, her friendship will last. It has lasted for me for 39 yrs now, and when we go back home in June for a week, one of the first doors I will be knocking on to show off our baby bump, and to add to our growing EM/Moon family.. will be hers.

and we always say “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose you family” … I got lucky on both !

She cries a lot too … probably is now …………



  1. Awwwwww sitting here with big fat tears plopping onto the keyboard. That’s just lovely – thanks Moon!

    A 39 year friendship eh? Can’t be bad. Big hugs, matey and can’t wait to see you in June. Love you lots xxxx

  2. PS: now laughing at the Pernod and Black puke all over that car. Good times! xx

    • that was a decent night …. poor old Donna, her Dad still mentioned it !

  3. aawww what a lovely post – only a true friend could have written something like that x

    • Yeah, she is a very good friend to have … lucky that all the family are kinda like that to me x

  4. Awww Moon that’s lovely! I’m a new friend to EM but I can already see all those gorgeous attributes you mention. She’s a class act! And might I say, you are too for being such a decent constant friend! I’ve always wished for a brother like you.

    • I am happy to be a brother !!! .. sometimes, it takes a blog post to say the things you mean, and we should say them more often .. you have got lucky to find her….

  5. Moon mate, how do i subscribe to your blog?

    • No idea !!!!! … I don’t think I have found that feature … you can find me of Facebook though …

  6. What a lovely post.

    I love EM too, in a sloppy kiss kind of way. In fact I am lucky enough to be seeing her again soon. We shall be avoiding pernod and black though.

    • I would too… make an awful mess, esp over a white Ford Orion ….

  7. What a lovely post. I was lucky enough to meet EM in the flesh recently and she is every bit as beautiful and as funny as you describe…very much one in a million. Px

    • Everyone seems to agree… somebody must hate her ?

      • LOL, only the very very bitter and jealous types…

  8. Pernod and Black? That’s a blast from the past. I shudder to think of some of the vile concoctions I used to put in my body as a teenager……..yuck. Anyway, you’re really lucky to have a lifelong friendship like this. I’m not really in touch with anyone from my pernod and black days, and sometimes I really wish I was. It’s great to have these shared memories- and to be able to say to someone ‘do you remember the time when…………’

    • Yes, we tend to do that a lot … and cringe at how we must sounds to her kids !!!! .. Pernod and Black… it was bloody horrible !.. esp when it comes out of your nose !

  9. Made me well up….lovely lovely post.

    • pass the tissues …

  10. Awww I love English Mum too, one of my best friend’s in this crazy blogosphere. Can’t wait to see her again soon.

    • seriously .. someone must hate her ?

  11. That is a really heart warming tribute to your lovely sister. Hx

    • Can’t claim to be brother and sister… just cousins.. but thats as good as x

  12. What a lovely post, she must be very special to you 😉

    • She is .. and to lots of other too by the look of some of these comments

  13. that was just lovely, and beautiful photos. Yup, had got the cousin thing (uncle, durr, people!) And I say fuck too much, too. All the best people do.

    • fucking right !

  14. Great post. It’s obvious how special and tight your friendship is. Something to cherish.

    • oh yes, the older I get, the more I remember that

  15. 39 years is great, I feel the same about my sisters:) Jen.

    • never forget that.. even through arguments.. never forget that x

  16. What a lovely post! Bet you’ve got her weeping over her keyboard now…

    • She does like a weep …..

  17. *sob*

    I can give you someone’s email address if you need a hater Moon ;o)

    • I already have your husband’s …..

      tell me tell me .. who ? bet it’s that Scrummycupcake !!!

  18. How funny! I am such a Joannacomelately that I have discovered both you and English Mum (through the MADS in her case) on the same day…. and I was loving her blog before you told the world what a fab person she is! Lucky both of you to have each other!

    • The Gallery is very good for that kinda thing .. I too have found yours and others.. feels good to find new people !.. Welcome, hope you come back

  19. Sniff, well even if she’s not crying on her keyboard, I am. What a beautiful post. I think she’s also lucky to have you as a friend.

    • Out of the 7 children… me plus 3 siblings and EM and her 2 siblings.. as a family we are quite divided 4 v 3 on the emotion stakes…. We both fall into the emotion cousins side ! tears ahoy !

  20. Well I’ve never met her but she’s on my to visit list. A lovely tribute. Looks like all I ‘thought’ of her is true as well. You’re blessed to have family that like each other!

    • Well Baino, I know you would … and yes… just because people are family, does not mean they have to like each other … in this case… we certainly do !

  21. Aww that is so sweet. x

    • Thank you… sometimes things have to be said x

  22. A beautiful post. It sounds as though you both really treasure your friendship. Very moving.

    MD x

    • Again, thank you …. I certainly do !

  23. What a sweet tribute!

    • As David Ginola once said during his shampoo adverts … She’s worth it…

  24. Such a wonderful, emotional post 🙂

  25. Wow, that’s a great post. EM sounds like the sort of mum I’d like to be.

  26. awwww what a lovely tribute 🙂

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