Posted by: Moon | May 19, 2010

The Gallery

I have started to read the wonderful Tara Cain @ Sticky Fingers. Every Wednesday she does a Gallery feature….. I won’t explain all, just go and have a look ….

Anyway, the subject this week is Self Portrait. Like most people, I hate pictures of myself, and I find that I am often behind the camera rather than the subject.. but here a couple of photos I do like !.. and more so, the place and mood I was in at the time …. !

Cruising around Newport Beach habour with a great close friend Jeff

Roller blading along the Beach Front

On a secluded Beach, Tofino… my Honeymoon…

Golf at Furry Creek… one of my true loves … Golf… and my ultimate true love…. one of our many visits to the Grand Canyon, Me and my wife


  1. Why is it that we all fear being in front of the camera – when the result is stunning images like these? Thanks for sharing.

    • Dunno why that is.. maybe we are all a little humble.. and we never want to see what others see ?

  2. Welcome to the world of The Gallery! Good to see you joining in 🙂

    I love the black and white shot of you sat in the sun.. really nice. And what an idylic place to play golf

    • Been in it for a couple of weeks now, I think it’s a great idea. The beach was on Vancouver Island, Tofino.. and the golf was Furry Creek.. spectacular place

  3. Well done you! Great pics! Nice to meet you!

    • Welcome, and thank you

  4. Fab photos 🙂 Very interesting.

    • Glad you enjoyed… I’ll be over to peruse yours soon !

  5. What lovely photos! Thanks so much for sharing! 😉

    • You are welcome x

  6. Hey,

    Nice shots, is that a Denver Bronco’s top? Looks like one my husband has…

    The view from the golf course is amazing!

    • Yes… Well spotted, been a long time supporter of The Broncos, eventually getting to see them during my stay in California !

      The golf course is between Vancouver and Whistler.. perfect when the sun shines.

  7. great photos, more insights into your life than portraits and i love the colours

    • Thank you, I love taking them, and the memories that go with them

  8. Great photos, you never seem to be afr fom a beach or some water!

    • True, most of these were taken whilst living in California, or visiting my sister in Vancouver … now I couldn’t be further from the ocean … central Europe !

  9. Lovely photos and beautiful settings.

    • Thank you .. and welcome x

  10. Thanks for comments on our photos.. ;))) Moon, great memo on first picture 🙂

    • yes, that was a great day, and I miss him !!..

      and there are all your work my love x

  11. I agree with all comments above:-)
    Great photos and insights, thanks!

    • You are welcome, come back anythime

  12. Great photo’s, great times, thanks for sharing. x

  13. Wonderful photos, Moon – bring back lots of lovely memories. My personal fave is the honeymoon shot. Very atmospheric. See, told you that you needed to enter the gallery, you’re PERFECT for it!! x

    • you are too nice.. and now you are my favourite cousin !!!! please do remember that Miska took these though … obviously

  14. I want to live where you live it looks beautiful – lovely photos.

    • These are where I used to live … California, and some taken where my sister lives.. Vancouver and Canada … I now live in another beautiful country .. Slovakia… come visit x

  15. Great photos my friend. Lovely memories. Why did you have putt three balls on every hole though?

    • I did three putt .. you are right …. but who won ?… great days !

  16. I’m struggling to believe you’re British – you look way too American in those shots! Love the HB rollerblading and I think cruising around Newport Harbor is just about one of my favourite things to do.

    • English please .. 🙂 … wonder if I look Slovak now ?.. gotta blend in huh !
      We used to go around the harbour pretty much monthly with our great friend Jeff.. very sad what he is going through now… you know the story of the accident with him and the Ferrari I guess …

  17. Am in awe of your sporty hobbies…sailing, blading, golf… you look like you are having such fun. Love the one of you and your wife!

    • I do love just a little bit of sport !!!.. and my wife is the beauty part of us !

  18. I think it’s lovely to see the photographer. I’m the same I have very few shots of myself but then that’s probably a good thing. Love the beach shot, very pensive. I wouldn’t mind joining this group. Off to check it out . . well tomorrow. Weekend’s coming yaya!

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