Posted by: Moon | May 14, 2010

Latest going on’s in Plave Vozokany – “I have a Dream” not by MLK

Life seems to rush me about, and creep up on us !… Only a few days back, we were feeling a little down, worried about money, and where our future was going to be. We know it will be here in Slovakia, but with me not being able to find work, it is going to be a struggle. With the amazing support of Ma and Pa Slovak, we can cope with that, I think… but.. we still have our plans and dreams, and of course that will cost us money .. which we don’t have !… but, as Martin Luther said … “I have a dream…” .. to be fair, our dream probably won’t be quite as monumental as Martin Luther’s, but none the less, it’s important to us.

One of the main reasons we decided to come ‘home’ to Slovakia, instead of the more logical choice of England, was the cost of buying land, and building our own home. Slovakia is not dirt cheap, but I would say you get value for money. The property market in England, esp Hertfordshire, Berkhamsted… my home… is crazy. A small, 2 bedroom flat, with a tiny garden sells for around 180k. Laughable……. We have a piece of good land here, ready to build on that is about half an acre… it has cost us about 8000 Euro …. with an estimated further 100,000 Euro to build a new 4 bedroom house …. for a house like that in England, Herts.. you are probably looking at 400k !!!!!!  crazy huh !

But… we have a new dream …… as if by chance we were having a walk around a local, tiny village, and a new realisation hit us.. We love the Country life, village life, and with the arrival of Kobe rushing upon us, it turned my head to this lovely property that is allegedly for sale in this village.

We must be crazy, why don’t we just buy a nice 2 bedroom flat in the town, move in before the baby arrives, and carry on like sensible people ….. Well, here’s why. I don’t want to. We don’t want to. You only get one chance at these kind of things right ?.. so, why should we take an option that doesn’t suit us. Great friends of ours here in Slovakia seem to have our lives mapped out for us in theirs. They seem to be about 6 months ahead of us, and are our ‘trial run’. We laughed with them so many times saying .. “why … Why do we choose the crazy options” …. our answer is why not !

The is a feeling here in Slovakia, from the older generation of  “no, you can’t” , Rather than  “yes, you can”. Miska and I are of the opinion, if you want it hard enough, and you are willing to make things happen, they will. So we are firmly in the “yes, you can do it” brigade. People said we were crazy to move to the USA, me giving up a great job. People then said we were crazy to get married on top of a mountain… people then said you must be crazy to move to rural Slovakia, People said we were crazy as I don’t speak the language, well… People can watch and learn …  we just like to live life.

Anyone who knows me will know that my DIY skills are even more limited than my Father.. (he of blue-tac solutions)… but, I am not stupid, I have an ability to learn.. so learn I will. The project we are thinking about involves an old, traditional Slovak cottage, that will pretty much be knocked to the ground we think…. and 1.5 Arces of land for me to look after and renovate. With a pregnant wife, no job, maybe this isn’t the right time, but when is the right time ??? This way I have the time to do most of the work myself, with help from experts. Thats as good as working and paying someone to do this for us. So maybe the time is perfect ?

Also, whilst we are on the no job front, we have also made a decision. We need to be pro-active, and start a business. Easy thing to do huh … well, again, hard work required, but we think we have a very good idea, that will work. We need some advice about opening a business, and advice on how to do this, but we think the principles are sound.. we will see. But, work is not going to come and knock on my door, so why sit about moaning about it… go get it !!..

Are we crazy … Yeah, I think we must be, but, on the horizon, I can just see “My Dream” .. so roll the dice, go for what you want, and never die wondering !


  1. I say go for it. There’s always someone that will criticise your decisions, but it’s not their life, it’s yours! xx

    • We are alike … I am not bothered what others say… I have a very sensible head guiding me …. Miska !

  2. Go for it! It may be a struggle at first but you will reap the rewards in years to come. No matter what decision you make someone will always have something to say on it and all that really matters is that you are both happy with whatever you decide xx

    • It will be a struggle, but exciting to. We will see if our dream comes true, or if we hit problems with her selling …

  3. This sounds like the Simon I know and admire! I do believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Don’t lose sight of the dream my friend! And continue dreaming new ones!

    • Well, thats true, and if this house doesn’t come through, we know exactly what we are looking for… and thats a big step forward !

  4. You’re living the dream while I’m dreaming my life away so go for it!

    • I am not sure about living the dream… but we are always looking to achieve what we want, rather than just settle for things …. we will see how it goes

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