Posted by: Moon | May 1, 2010

Number 14 – BC, Vancouver Island, Stewart and Hyder Alaska

A familiar sight, a long and winding road ...

Ok… not easy this one, and it’s not just about 1 single place… I will narrow it down to Stewart, BC and Hyder, Alaska as ‘the’ 14th best place.. but I have to include a couple of places on the way. This trip was an amazing 10 days of our short married life (short so far, not short marriage!).. It’s our official honeymoon. We have had about three trips we called our honeymoon, but this is the one that we dreamt about and planned as our official one. We left DBM early one sunny summers morning, caught the ferry over to Vancouver Island and started a roadtrip of about 5000 kms. Taking in Tofino, Port Hardy, ferry to Port Rupert, Stewart, Hyder and a return back to Vancouver. That short description doesn’t do the trip justice, it was an amazing trip, with glorious weather. The trip was about time together, and trying to see some of Canada’s amazing wildlife. On the trip we saw Seals, Whales, raccoons, Orcas, Eagles, Dogs galore, and the most important to me .. Bears.

A Family of Racoons ... so cool

Fish Creek, Hyder, Alaska

I love bears nearly as much as Elephants (they will appear in the top 15). Closely related to the dog, they have a wonderful character, but immense power. At Fish Creek, just over the border of Canada/USA you can watch them getting their fill of Salmon in one of the many rivers that supply their favourite dish. We caught sightings of both the Black Bear, and the larger Grizzly. We spent three days up here, and every second I could, I spent waiting and watching for these bears… it was perfect, and sitting here now, I have a great big smile, thinking of those three days.

Bears and their supper !

Another spot I have to mention was Hidden Cove, and Telegraph Cove, situated on the North East coast of Vancouver Island. We spent one evening, late, about 11pm, watching the sun set, only the sound of wildlife near us, together in the perfect moment…

Stewart, BC, Canada

These places are special. The remoteness is what I love, the quiet, the huge landscapes, pine forests, and not knowing what will wander across your path. It’s not easy to get to see these places. It takes a fair amount of money, certainly time, but above all else, effort. To drive these distances takes team work between you both, and luckily, I have a love for driving. I get bored being in one place. I don’t think I could ever spend 2 weeks in one place, I really don’t. I love adventure, doing things not many other people think of doing. Give me a good book, a map, a car, my wife and Luchann (and soon I guess Kobe).. and I will drive forever. … and if there are Bears or Elephants at the end of that road, and a cold beer…. Happy Days …



  1. Nice pictures Simon, makes us feel like travelling

    • Thanks J … been very lucky since those school days to have seen some great places… and so many more to come .. I hope

  2. Fantastic photos Simon! I may have to make this trip sometime, and take my camera as well!

    • Esp as this one is on your Doorstep .. take 10 days and take a drive into your back yard…. you are so lucky to have a wonderful country

  3. Well, that is just cheating – Vancouver Island is as big as Great Britain, and Hyder is in a different country! I do love the grumpy eagle.

    • I would say he took umbrage at his photo being taken… but I think he was naturally grumpy …

  4. I think these were some of my favourite photos. On to 13, then!

    • You must get and visit DBM.. it’s a fabulous part of the world.. these have a couple of my favorites too, the black n white one of the wooden harbour posts, and the hut in the lake.

  5. Your honeymoon sounds an awful lot like ours. We spent the first part on Gabriola Island, then off to Telegraph Cove where we stayed in a friend’s vacation home, then drove up to Port Hardy, took the ferry to Prince Rupert, then drove up to Whitehorse with a stop in Stewart and Hyder – with all the sightings of animals in between: bear, deer, dolphins, whales, moose, caribou, and on and on…
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

    • sounds pretty much the same … we stayed just outside Telegraph Cove, in Hidden Cove, a stunning bed and breakfast place…. I loved driving BC.. it’s stunning … no moose though 😦

  6. Amazing pictures. One of my friends used to live in Cooper’s Landing Alaska and I always wanted to go there. Just stunning.

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