Posted by: Moon | April 30, 2010

Kobe progess

As much as I wasn’t going to post every little thing about our baby bump.. I did want to tell you all this ..

Kobe has started to move properly. We had a wonderful weekend away with Uncle Tim and Auntie Morag (can’t get used to calling them that !) and we had a stunning long walk on the Sunday. Miska did brilliantly in the heat and the distance, about 15 miles, and we settled very tired into bed… Well, we were both tired, but Kobe wasn’t…

It was a brilliant feeling, only fathers to be can understand. This one is for us, not even the Mums can understand. Miska has been saying for a few weeks now that Kobe is moving… and I really couldn’t feel too much, but now I can feel him kicking, turning and punching Miska tummy. It’s amazing, made us both giggle like children !!

Happy Days !



  1. Absolutely lovely. I remember doing exactly the same thing (will laugh if your ‘he’ is a ‘she’ though!!) xx

    • We just chose Kobe as we couldn’t call ‘it ‘it’ anymore … It’s a wonderful thing, and often Miska will just giggle as he/she moves about.. makes it feel soooo real now

  2. Charlie used to get the most amazing hiccups late at night when we’d gone to bed… amazing how entertaining that can be at midnight!


    • Great entertainment for me.. not too sure Miska will enjoy ?

  3. And if he stops moving, just rest a cup of hot coffee on her tum! He’ll sharpen up toot sweet! It’s a lovely time for you. I thoroughly enjoyed being pregnant.

  4. There does seem to be something different about it for men, doesn’t there? When I was pregnant and still working, several of the guys in the office wanted to feel my bump! I suppose it seems kind of magical – which it is, but sooo different from a woman’s point of view.

    I’m glad to hear Miska’s doing so well!

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