Posted by: Moon | April 27, 2010

Number 15 in my list of favourite places in the World

Ok, I was daydreaming as Ma and Pa Slovak and Miska were chatting away, and esp after the weekend we have just had, I thought I’d give you my top 15 places in the world ….These are about Beauty, but also how I was feeling at that particular time as well. It’s amazing how your moods effect your perception and feelings about places. So, these are not just beautiful looking places, they are dear to my heart. It was pretty tough to put them in any particular order… so take the numbering with a pinch of salt.. they are not that important !

So, here is Number 15 :

Big Sur and Carmel.

The stunning beach at Carmel

Big Sur is a wonderful National Park on the West Coast of America. Highway 1 runs up the West Coast, and from Morrow Bay to Carmel is a stretch of road I could drive and drive again. I have been lucky enough to drive this road 3 times, each time with a wonderful happy heart. The first time was after my forced stay of 3 months in Canada waiting for my Visa to be approved. A stressful time, and the wait to see if I would be able to join my new wife back in the USA was excruciating. I flew back, landed in San F, and we took a long drive down from Carmel to our new home in Newport Beach. The second time was with our wonderful Slovak friends on their honeymoon and with a 3rd great Slovak friend. The final time was finally getting to show my Mum part of the great country we were living in. We stopped at every chance on the road to just view and see the wonder of the scenery. We also took a small tour of Hearst Castle. Not really a castle by English or European standards, but a mighty fine, over the top house, with wonderful views. Well worth a time out for a look. At the bottom of the ‘Castle’ is Seal Bay, where 100’s of Elephant Seals have chosen to bask in the sunshine and call their home.

The picture that runs along the top of my blog page was taking on Carmel beach, and here are a few of the others that show you a little of what you will see if you ever get the chance to wander along this road….

Elephant Seal on Seal Beach, South of Big Sur

The road hugs the coast, dropping down sheer cliffs to the crashing seas. There are small towns on the way, none better than sleepy Carmel. Nothing like your typical American Small Town. They have kept it very quaint, no development here, a sleepy town with small shops, lovely houses and a chilled atmosphere, with none of your American neon anywhere to be seen!. The huge curved beach is perfect for walks, and the sandy inlets all along the route allows you to get close to the rough seas pounding the West Coast. The three days we spent there we as close to perfect as you could ever imagine. The sun shone, giving us some of the perfect sunsets you could dream of. (Most of the posts over the next couple of weeks will nearly all include sunsets… I love them)

The rough seas at Big Sur

As the road meanders along the ocean, time just stops, and you round each corner to yet another stunning vista. Take a couple of minutes to stop at a few of the restaurants along the way, and a glass of California red just tops of the perfect drive….. Beware of the fog rolling in, and do not be surprised if everything disappears into a sea of white !… take your photos while you have the chance…



  1. Wonderful photos. You really must miss this place, and the happy memories it has for at least one newlywed couple. Can’t wait to see the next 14!

    • It was a very special time… but also, a stunning place.. I love Carmel.. I think because it reminds we of a more subtle, English town, rather than a concrete neon USA town …

  2. I love these photos. Can’t wait for #14! xx

    • I have to try to put these places in order… won’t be easy.. the 14th will be here tomorrow

  3. If you could just tell me what the 15 places are please……..

  4. Gorgeous. Quite different to our NSW beaches not many of which have rocky outcrops but simply beautiful. This is a great idea . .looking forward to travels with Moon!

  5. Wow, just like my post! I love it there too. Need to travel up there more often.

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