Posted by: Moon | April 12, 2010

Kobe is moving, and we know the make !!!

Miska has started to feel Kobe moving, and she wonderfully explained it as an “Ickle Tickle Thing” … and on Saturday night, I was called to the bed, and rested my hand on her bump, and I felt the faintest touch… unbelievable moment in my life … so special …

and, we had a scan today of Kobe, and everything is alive and kicking. Heartbeat is strong and going like a privy door in the plague ….. and we know the make of the little one,  so.. we need some name ideas … (and no, we won’t tell anyone the sex of our little one)

So far, after asking my family, we have suggestions of :

Dave… after Rodney (thanks EM)



thats what you get for asking your family…..

sensible suggestions were Elanor, May, Annie/Anka…



  1. Did you delete my comment!?
    At least it now says hand instead of hard, which can only be a good thing!

    How about Osvaldo? If it is good enough for a cat……

    • I did, because it’s an amazing point that I ruined by my incompetence.

      Ossie.. like it, buy after Ardiles not the cat !

  2. Yup, I also saw hard, not hand, but was quite fascinated by the mental image it created! Far be it for me to draw your attention to a small spelling mistake!

    I am fond of Eduardo for a boy, and Arsen for a girl. A perfect naming!

    • Cortes … like your golf .. shove it up your arse !!

  3. Aren’t you glad you asked for our input?

  4. You are such a cheat!
    Bruce, Brett, Gazza , Shazza, Bluey, Barry, Sheila, Don, Mingaloo or Cunnawurra, Warrawong or Gabba . . oh the serenity.

    • Thanks for your help Baino ….. I will put these suggestions on the table for discussion …..

  5. Ok, Ok, all kidding aside, glad to hear that all is well with mom and the “ickle tickle”. As to a name, what will you do – Slovak or English, or something that shuffles back and forth? As I do not know what to suggest for a Slovakian name, I cannot suggest one that sounds the same in English (but is spelled differently?). This process may take you and Mrs. M a bit of time, but should be fun! Good luck.

    • Ok ok .. all kidding aside… you can still shove them up your arse !!…. 🙂

      We have decided that the name will be English, but wed have to be careful how it would be used here… but with Kobe living a Slovak life, we want to make sure he/she knows their roots.. and we are having an English Christening.

      But yes, all is very well, and we are very happy now, and enjoying life …

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